#SFSW15 VIDEO: Tying TV and Mobile to Measure Real-World Store Visitation

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While advertisers increasingly recognize mobile’s potential, few fully comprehend the revolutionary impact it can make on marketing, said PlaceIQ CEO Duncan McCall in a presentation at Street Fight Summit West earlier this month.

Far more than being just another media channel on which to advertise, mobile represents a “new connective element that allows you to build [a] new model for consumer behavior,” McCall said.

PlaceIQ has harnessed this element of mobile’s advertising potential by linking mobile’s location-tracking capacity to television advertising. This link allows networks to evaluate linear television advertising’s success at prompting consumers to visit advertised stores.

Rentrak set-top boxes were the key to the connection between mobile and TV. Rentrak anonymously registers the television-viewing habits of those who use its boxes, thus creating a location-based record of what a consumer watches. PlaceIQ identifies a geographic connection between the location of mobile devices and specific set-top boxes, which enables the company to piece together where a given television watcher travels with his or her phone.

Armed with the knowledge of where TV watchers are going, PlaceIQ is able to evaluate the impact either TV advertising alone or current advertising through both TV and mobile has on a consumer’s behavior.

Sure enough, that impact is significant. A PlaceIQ case study revealed that consumers exposed to ads on both devices were four times as likely to visit the stores in question than a consumer who had not seen ads on either device. The rate for exposure to ads on both media doubled that of exposure to TV ads alone.

The case study demonstrates not only that mobile opens up “a whole set of analytics that TV guys have never had before,” but also that those analytics could be capitalized on in major ways — making TV advertising as exact a science as data-driven mobile advertising.

Joe Zappa is an associate editor at Street Fight.

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