Street Fight Daily: Yelp Launches Now, Local TV’s Jackpot

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

Yelp Ups Its Search Game With ‘Yelp Now’ — Adds Dinner Reservation & Food Ordering Search Filters (Search Engine Land)
Yelp has updated its search capabilities with new filters that let users search restaurant listings based on available reservation times along with the specific delivery areas and times it delivers. Launched as “Yelp Now,” users can search restaurant listings based on a reservation date, time, party size and cuisine.

5 Ways Starbucks Turns a Global Business Into a Local Brand (Street Fight)
Mohannad El-Barachi: When most people think of a local business, they imagine the neighborhood store or the mom-and-pop restaurant. But more and more today, global brands are positioned to use to digital tools to capture the relevancy and responsiveness that is at the heart of local businesses.

Jackpots for Local TV Stations in F.C.C. Auction of Airwaves (New York Times)
With Americans increasingly turning less to over-the-air television broadcasts, the federal government wants to devote a bigger portion of the airwaves that carry communications signals to mobile phone data. As it turns out, some of the most desirable airwaves are in the hands of America’s local television stations.

Square’s Jack Dorsey Puts It All Together (BuzzFeed)
“The most negative press — the loss, the acquisition, the IPO — was just not based on reality,” Dorsey argues to BuzzFeed News. “We invested our money to grow the company, which every single company out there does. We chose not to focus on profit in order to focus on growth.”

Rubicon Project and xAd Unite to Power Location-based Mobile Private Marketplaces (Drum)
Rubicon Project and xAd have paired up to power location-based mobile private marketplaces. The move means advertisers can target ‘high-intent’ consumers based on real-time location and offline behavioural data, and can receieve data on business locations at or near their bid requests.

Newsonomics: Are Local Newspapers the Taxi Cabs of the Uber Age? (NiemanLab)
Ken Doctor: Are too many local news companies the taxi operators of news? They still talked about “owning” a territory — despite the competition building around them. They still act largely with a monopoly mindset. Their points of consumer access haven’t kept up with what other companies now achieve.

Uber Says There Have Been Millions of Trips on UberPool, Its Carpool Option (Recode)
Uber and its competitors have long claimed that their carpooling services are good for the environment. With fewer people riding in their own cars, there’s less gas emissions to choke the air. Until today that was just a marketing line, but now there’s data to back it up.

How Waze Could Supercharge Android Auto (Mashable)
Exactly what the in-car version of Waze will look like is unclear but, as with Google Maps, it’s likely the core navigation experience will remain about the same. But Waze could potentially grow its repertoire of features by taking advantage of cars’ data to personalize its recommendations even more.

Sponsored Post: CU New Venture Challenge Completes 7th Season (Street Fight)
The University of Colorado program’s year-long schedule includes cross-campus events to help teams refine their ability to pitch, perfect their business model, and connect with other entrepreneurial minded members of the university.

With Jawbone Partnership, AmEx Offers Another Nifty Payment Option (AdWeek)
Want to buy a latte with your fitness tracker? If you use an American Express credit card, now you can. Today, AmEx announced a partnership with Jawbone that it claims will make it the first wearable fitness technology brand to accept mobile payments.

LBMA Podcast: xAd’s Global Blueprints, ShopperTrak Partners With Shopkick (Street Fight)
On the show: MedNav tries to be the OpenTable for medical appointments; Sponda uses RFID to add location to malls; Freckle IOT partners with BlueBite; StudioTime tries to be the AirBnB of recording studios; Christophe Remillet of OneVisage.

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