LBMA Podcast: xAd’s Global Blueprints, ShopperTrak Partners With Shopkick

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: xAd launches Global Blueprints; MedNav tries to be the OpenTable for medical appointments; Coke Zero and Carlsberg pour out from a billboard; Sponda uses RFID to add location to malls; Freckle IOT partners with BlueBite; ShopperTrak partners with Shopkick; Patagonia will fix your torn clothes; StudioTime tries to be the AirBnB of recording studios and Delta tries not to kill your animals. Our special guest is Christophe Remillet of OneVisage.

Top stories of the week

1. xAD launches Global Blueprints 7:40
2. MedNav lbs for healthcare / Awarepoint bluetooth for healthcare 12:02
3. Coke Zero drinkable commercial 17:10
4. Sponda + \Pilot test RFID location in Finnish mall 20:18
5. Freckle IOT + BlueBite 24:25
6. Patagonia – Worn Wear Mobile Tour 26:00
7. ShopperTrak + Shopkick 29:42
8. StudioTime (AirBnB for musicians and recording studios) 33:10
9. Carlsberg – Free beer billboard 37:10
10. Delta Airlines offers GPS pet tracking 38:50

Special guest: Christophe Remillet, CTO of OneVisage 43:00Click here to see the full interview with Christophe Remillet of OneVisage

Top Story: Simulated interactive Product Sampling 49:40