Street Fight Daily: Samsung Buys Apple Pay Competitor, Google’s New Food Site

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

samsung_galaxy_s5_officialSamsung Just Bought a Company to Help It Compete With Apple Pay (Time)
Apple has already seen tons of consumer interest in Apple Pay, the mobile payments platform it rolled out with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8. Now, it looks like Apple rival Samsung wants a bigger slice of the mobile payments pie.

Borrell on Local News: Inform, but Help Businesses Thrive (Street Fight)
“We can certainly view people who frequent hyperlocal news sites as ‘readers’ who are there for the content. But once we begin to realize that they are likely to buy something, then we begin understanding the real value of that audience,” says the CEO of Borrell Associates.

Google May Have Foodie Social Site Named ‘Tablescape’ In The Works (Slash Gear)
Google is reportedly once again making an attempt at social, and is focussing on hitting us where it matters. Rather than a wide open forum as most social sites are, Tablescape would be entirely focussed on food, and people who photograph their food.

7 Strategies for Improving Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates (Street Fight)
As smartphone use continues to soar, the landscape for promotions and offers is shifting. Despite the push to digitize coupons and phase out printed materials, mobile coupon redemption rates remain surprisingly low.

Uber Is Launching a Food Delivery Service in Spain (Business Insider)
Uber is going to start delivering lunch and dinner to customers in Barcelona. Uber says UberEATS has teamed up with the best local restaurants in the city to bring a “changing selection of lunch and dinner meals that you can receive in under 10 minutes.”

EatStreet Eyes Exit Amid More Online Food-Ordering Consolidation (Xconomy)
The market for food-ordering and delivery apps has advanced this month, as big companies gobble up smaller players to grab a piece of the pie or grow their share of it. One online food-ordering startup still eyeing an exit is EatStreet, a Madison, WI-based company launched in 2010.

SMB Surveys Show Digital Marketing Satisfaction Yet High Churn Persists (Local Search Insider)
Greg Sterling: One generalization about the SMB market in the US that can be made with some confidence is that digital “churn” is still rampant. Privately many vendors of digital marketing services to the SMB market report stubbornly high non-renewal rates.

Sony Mobile: ‘It’s Hard To Ignore Programmatic. It Can Add A New Level Of Mobile Personalization’ (Drum)
Sony Mobile’s chief admitted it was risky to ignore programmatic, and the “fundamental impact this will have in the way we trade and operate mobile ad space.” But he warned against pinning all hopes on the “next evolution of true location based targeting” solely on a specific tool like beacons.

Will Beacons Drive Big Bucks? (eMarketer)
Top retailers such as Macy’s and Target began to actively test beacon technology last year. Consumer and retailer adoption will certainly increase this year as the technology exits the experimental phase, but the huge effect of beacons won’t be seen until next year, when explosive growth is expected.

ZenPayroll Proves That SMB Software Can Scale, Crossing 10k Paying Customers In Under Two Years (Pando)
Small businesses have long been the black sheep of business software customers. It’s notable then that ZenPayroll, one of the fastest growing and most highly-celebrated software companies of the current generation, has announced a significant milestone in its growth.

Curbside Brings A Same-Day Local Pickup Option To Best Buy Shoppers (TechCrunch)
Mobile shopping app Curbside, which lets users shop from their phones then pick up their purchases at a local retailer without getting out of their cars, has been growing quickly since its debut last year. And today, the company is announcing a rollout to several Best Buy locations.

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