Street Fight Daily: Facebook’s New Product Ads, China’s Yelp Soars

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

FacebookFacebook Launches Dynamic Product Ads for Data-Minded Retailers (AdWeek)
Facebook is giving Target and other retailers a new way to market to its 1.4 billion users. It’s called product ads — yet another ad format that Facebook says sets it apart from rivals like Google because it can harness the social network’s popularity and behavioral and location data on consumers.

The ‘Five Places’ Method for Manageable Local Marketing (Street Fight)
Damian Rollison: It’s critical for SMBs to focus attention on a few of the most effective marketing activities, and to adopt a strategy that allows them to keep marketing efforts consistent. The “five places” method is a simple way to organize one’s efforts based on an inventory of what matters most.

Dianping’s Funding Round Lifts App Above US Peers (Wall Street Journal)
The latest financing round by China’s Dianping, a restaurant review and group buying app, will push the Shanghai-based company’s valuation above its closest U.S. equivalent – Yelp. Dianping has grown to around 200 million monthly active users, putting it well-above Yelp in size.

How YP Plans to Move Beyond the Review (Street Fight)
We recently caught up with Darren Clark, chief product officer at YP, to talk about the changes in the local search market and how developments in “big data” could create new ways for consumers to find businesses nearby.

Kellogg’s Sees Location-Based Marketing as the New Frontier for Brands (CMO)
The company’s head of marketing says the FMCG group sees proximity marketing technologies as a burgeoning opportunity to connect with customers. “This is a new frontier, and it will drive much better quality interactions between the targeted consumer and an offer, which is right in front of their eyes.”

Rocket Fuel Homes In On Location Data With Offline Measurement Tool (AdExchanger)
It’s a mobile world and Rocket Fuel wants a piece of it. The ad network, known historically as a desktop display player, announced Tuesday the launch of Local Lift, a tool that purports to drive in-store foot traffic and measure the results by connecting mobile clicks to store visits.

Apple Pay’s Invasion Of China Stalls (MarketWatch)
China’s central bank, UnionPay bank-card service and e-commerce giant Alibaba Group are standing up to Apple effort to bring the Apple Pay no-card-no-cash payment system to iPhone users in China. Sources close to the companies said that talks aimed at an agreement that would open China to Apple Pay have stalled.

Uber Does Little To Hurt Yellow Taxi Profits (New York Post)
Uber’s plot to disrupt the yellow cab business in the Big Apple has helped bring down the cost of a taxi medallion by 20 percent — but it hasn’t dented the financier of those valuable licenses. The largest lender said its profits grew 22% over the same period last year.

Yik Yak Systematically Downvotes Mentions Of Competitors (TechCrunch)
You can say anything on Yik Yak, as long as it’s not a competing app’s name. The anonymous app has quietly built a system that downvotes any mentions of several other apps for college kids including Fade, Sneek, and Unseen until no one can see them.

Amazon’s One-Hour Delivery Service Goes Live Across Manhattan (TechCrunch)
In December, the online retail giant promised one-hour delivery to a very expensive, very small zone in Manhattan. Today, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the service is available across the entire island.

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