Street Fight Daily: Apple’s Beacon Project, Why Food Trucks Won

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

apple_logoHere’s a New Look at Apple’s Own iBeacon (GigaOm)
Apple hasn’t yet shown off its own iBeacon hardware officially but now we have an idea of what it looks like, thanks to the FCC. A user manual posted on the FCC site Friday shows a round beacon device that reminds me of a Nest thermostat.

Finding the ROI in Retail In-Store Analytics (Street Fight)
Anne Marie Stephen: Interior analytics is still an emerging discipline, and defining the hard ROI of specific solutions can be tough. Here are a few ways that retailers can use in-store data to understand their customers and better facilitate the shopping experience.

Food-Truck Tacos Come Courtesy of Twitter and the iPhone, Economists Say (Wall Street Journal)
Food trucks are increasingly popular in U.S. cities, and much of the credit may belong to smartphones and social media. The rise of high-end food trucks in recent years has led to some tension with their competition, brick-and-mortar restaurateurs.

5 All-In-One Automation Platforms for SMBs (Street Fight)
Marketing automation platforms have long been considered a driving force behind the success of large companies. Now, hyperlocal vendors have set their sights on the SMB market — developing customized marketing automation tools for merchants.

The ‘On-Demand Economy’ Is Reshaping Companies And Careers (Economist)
The boom of on-demand companies marks a striking new stage in a deeper transformation. Using the now ubiquitous platform of the smartphone to deliver labour and services in a variety of new ways will challenge many of the fundamental assumptions of 20th-century capitalism, from the nature of the firm to the structure of careers.

After Square Wallet Dies, Product Lead Exits (Recode)
Andrew Borovsky, a founder of a design agency acquired by Square who went on to lead product design for Square’s Wallet app, has left Jack Dorsey’s company. Borovsky’s departure comes eight months after Square pulled its digital wallet app, Square Wallet, in favor of an order-ahead app called Square Order

Here’s What Some Teens Are Using Instead Of Snapchat And Instagram To Share Pictures In Class (Business Insider)
The most-used app during school hours with these kids at their New Jersey school isn’t Snapchat or Instagram. In fact, it’s not an app at all. These teens are now using AirDrop, a feature built into their iPhones, to send pictures to nearby students during class.

Yummly Teams Up With Instacart To Deliver Recipe Ingredients In An Hour (TechCrunch)
A partnership between recipe platform Yummly and Instacart will enable those on the Yummly iOS app to pick out recipes and get them delivered via Instacart within an hour. The Instacart personal shopper will deliver them to you so you don’t have to trek to the store and get it right when you need to make your meal.

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