Street Fight: Ads In Your Uber, Nextdoor’s Treat Map

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…

UBERYou Might Start Seeing Ads In Your Uber (Buzzfeed)
A small California startup wants to help Uber drivers cope with one their top grievances about working for the ridesharing giant — cost. The company seeks to reimburse drivers for companies like Uber and Lyft the cost of gas in exchange for prime ad placement — right at the eye-level on the back of their headrests.

Groupon’s Local Business Bounces Back — But Is It Too Little Too Late? (Street Fight)
Groupon beat market expectations in the third quarter, stabilizing a troubled international segment and accelerating the company’s core North American local business after three quarters of decline. But the company’s quickly growing ecommerce business continues to overshadow the small gains of the local segment.

Nextdoor’s Treat Map Shows You Where to Find Candy on Halloween (Mashable)
Nextdoor, a social network aimed at connecting neighborhoods, rolled out new mapping features to help users plan the best trick-or-treating routes. Users indicate whether they plan to give out candy or set up a haunted house. This information then appears on the app’s main neighborhood map.

Suburban Nashville ‘Indie’ Thrives Amid Gannett Revamp at Tennessean (Street Fight)
Tom Grubisich: Five years after she co-founded an independent community news site in metro Nashville’s most affluent suburb, Kelly Gilfillan is now running — and growing — her company by herself. Gilfillan tells Street Fight how she competes with a $5.4 billion media corporation as she pursues her “indie” entrepreneurial course.

Square Finds Itself Encircled (Bloomberg)
Part of its problem is that the small-business setup Square pioneered is becoming less profitable now that there are close to 100 card reader makers. The big money doesn’t lie in farmers’ markets, but with retailers, almost half of which plan to add tablets or other mobile payment devices to their stores by the end of 2015.

Wal-mart To Expand Discounts As Retail Price War Heats Up (Reuters)
Wal-Mart said it will expand its offering of discounted products during the holiday season and may broaden a price-matching scheme to include online rivals, in the latest sign of an escalating price war among big U.S. retailers.

Marketing In Transit: Selling To Mobile Searchers (Search Engine Land)
Chris Marentis: Mobile searchers are very frequently local searchers and that brings big opportunities to the doorstep of any local brick-and-mortar operation. For this reason, now is the time for SEOs to figure out how to get the most out of this opportunity and bring those mobile searches to their clients.

Credit-Card Firms Ride Wave of Electronic Payments (Nasdaq)
Credit card companies are riding a surging wave in electronic payments and benefiting from continued growth in consumer spending. Cash is the real opportunity for companies like us and that’s what we’re focused on,” said MasterCard Chief Executive Ajay Banga on a conference call with analysts.

LBMA Podcast: Interviews With Aisle411, GameStop, and Mapquest (Street Fight)
On the show: Our wrap from RetailLoco in Chicago, plus top stories of the week — including Vistar Media’s cross-screen ad platform; John Lewis testing the Oculus Rift; The Bluesmart suitcase; AboutPlace going into beta; Whirlpool partnering with Gigwalk; and Prizm’s contextual music device.

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