LBMA Podcast: Interviews With Aisle411, GameStop, and Mapquest

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Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Our wrap from RetailLoco in Chicago includes 3 great interviews with Matthew Kulig of Aisle411, Charlie Larkin of GameStop and Elise Neel of Mapquest. Top stories of the week include Vistar Media’s cross-screen ad platform; John Lewis testing the Oculus Rift; The Bluesmart suitcase; AboutPlace going into beta; Whirlpool partnering with Gigwalk; Prizm’s contextual music device.

Top stories of the week

(starts at 10:30)

1. Vistar Media + AirSage (10:30)
2. John Lewis testing Oculus Rift (13:00)
3. Bluesmart suitcase (17:00)
4. aboutPlace beta launch (21:50)
5. Whirlpool + Gigwalk / InnerScope (24:30)
6. Prizm – contextual music (29:25)
7. VenueLabs launches AboutLocal (32:00)

RetailLoco Review + 3 Guests:
1. Matthew Kulig – Aisle411 (43:00)
2. Charlie Larkin – GameStop (55:00)
3. Elise Neel – MapQuest (66:00)

Asif’s highlight of the event (74:00)
Rob’s highlight of the event (78:00)