Street Fight Daily: Foursquare Teams With Seamless, Lawsuit Questions Square Story

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology.

FoursquareFoursquare Can Now Satisfy Your Appetite st Home With Integrated Seamless And GrubHub Ordering (Pando)
Foursquare is teaming up with GrubHub Seamless, allowing you to order delivery from local restaurants — without ever actually setting foot there or checking in. Users can now not only discover restaurants around them that have been frequented by their friends and Foursquare contacts, but order directly within the app from over 20,000 such restaurants across the US.

Local Marketing in a Post-Mobile World (Street Fight)
An explosion in connected devices is forcing marketers to quickly move beyond mobile and address a new set of multi-device marketing challenges. We recently caught up with Sean Muzzy, chief executive North America at Neo@Ogilvy, to take his pulse on brand marketers’ interest in local, and explore how an explosion in connected devices might shape the way businesses communicate with consumers in the real world.

Lawsuit Questions Square’s Start-Up Story (New York Times)
A professor at Washington University in St. Louis filed suit against the company and its co-founders, Jack Dorsey and James McKelvey Jr., on Thursday, contending that he was unfairly cut out of Square, a start-up now valued at about $5 billion. In the complaint, Prof. Robert E. Morley Jr. makes multiple charges against the two men, including patent infringement and breach of fiduciary duty.

Openings & New Hires at Moz, YP, Kenshoo, and Telenav (Street Fight)
Every two weeks, Search Influence’s Kelly Benish — who knows practically everyone in hyperlocal — covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. In this week’s edition, new jobs at, Internet Marketing Ninjas, VendAsta, AOL, and Daily Press.

PayPal Wants Role in Apple’s Mobile Payments Dreams (Recode)
Sources say that the eBay-owned PayPal has been pitching Apple on helping the consumer electronics maker bring its long-rumored payments initiative to fruition. They say that PayPal is essentially willing to white-label parts of its payment service to be used in an Apple mobile payments system — anything from fraud detection to back-end infrastructure, even possibly down to the processing of payments.

Super Bowl Ads Made Specifically for You (Boston Globe)
The Super Bowl remains the biggest mass-market advertising event in the country. But this year, a new kind of advertising — personalized and based on physical location down to a matter of feet — will greet fans in Times Square and MetLife Stadium, where this weekend’s championship game will be played. At both locations, the National Football League has sprinkled tiny wireless transmitters that can send finely tuned messages to smartphones.

Google Maps’ Open-Source Rival Gets Huge Boost as Telenav Buys OpenStreetMap leader Skobbler (GigaOm)
Navigation veteran Telenav has picked up local OpenStreetMap specialist Skobbler for $23.8 million. For those involved in OpenStreetMap, a global, crowdsourced, open-source mapping project, it represents a potentially healthy consolidation. OSM founder Steve Coast recently joined Telenav, and Skobbler is the leader in OSM integration and commercial use.

Clinkle Gets Hacked Before It Even Launches (TechCrunch)
A guest user posted a list of 33 usernames, user IDs, profile photos, and phone numbers to PasteBin. Based on the data provided, it seems as though these users are Clinkle employees who are testing the app. Founder Lucas Duplan is on the list, as well as former Netflix CFO and Clinkle COO Barry McCarthy.

Major League Baseball Rolling Out Thousands of iBeacons for Opening Day (MacRumors)
Next week, Major League Baseball will begin rolling out thousands of iBeacons in ballparks around the country according to a source familiar with the plans who shared them with MacRumors. The league is looking to have twenty parks outfitted with roughly 100 iBeacons each by Opening Day at the end of March. Boston, Milwaukee, San Diego, LA Dodgers, and San Francisco are among the teams that will have iBeacons installed.

To Find Friends, Start at iPhone, Turn Left at Glass (MIT Technology Review)
SocialRadar, a Washington, D.C.-based startup, released its first app for the iPhone on Thursday, and plans to follow it with a Google Glass app in the coming weeks. SocialRadar lets you set a “radar range” around yourself—25 feet, five miles, or the entire United States, for example—in which it will sniff out people you know, letting you see who’s nearby and how you’re connected.

LBMA Podcast: Google Glass on the Floor (Street Fight)
On the show: soon your food will text you its expiry date; The Wireless Registry launches; Source Metrics connects online ads with offline buys; Nearbytes lets you pay by sound; Banjo 4.0 hits the street; Ricoh plays catch up with Clickable Paper. And our Mobile Minute with Chuck Martin highlights some store traffic research by Euclid.

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