New Hires and Openings at Neuhoff Media, Google, Stephens Media, Foursquare and Clinkle

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Every two weeks, Search Influence’s Kelly Benish — who knows practically everyone in hyperlocal — covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. (Plus, scroll down for jobs on offer now.)

Melissa Pease – Neuhoff Media
Neuhoff Media recently brought on Melissa Pease as their inaugural sales executive for their digital team. Melissa has a history in working for Hearst Media Services as their digital consultant and AT&T as their business account manager. Neuhoff Media has a variety of radio & TV stations in the central Illinois area and they are presenting a strong offering and presence in the digital arena this year. They will be joining several other traditional media groups that are making the digital push.

Ken Hansen –
Three well known people in the domain name industry have teamed up to offer domain name registrations under, e.g. Ken Hansen has resigned his position at Neustar to join the new venture as CEO. Paul Goldstone (who owned the second level domain will be President and Gregg McNair ( will be Chairman. The news about Ken’s departure is rather surprising as he has led many of Neustar’s new top level domain name efforts and he’s been with the company for almost 5 years. Ken is one of my favorite people in business and I wish him tons of success in his new endeavor!

Steve Espinosa – Google
Steve Espinosa just left his role as CEO of AppStack which helps local businesses get mobile customers. In that role, Espinosa grew the company to $2.5MM run rate in 18 months with direct sales. His new role will be with Google as their lead program manager of global SMB revenue.

Chris Trares – Stephens Media
I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Trares in Chicago at the BIA Kelsey/LMA Digital Agency Summit a few weeks back. Chris went from being the ad director at The Las Vegas Review Journal to killing it as Stephens Media’s brand new director of digital sales. Chris struck me as a highly motivated and excited member of the team that really hit the ground running. He was on a mission to bring every revenue-producing idea back from the conference to share with his team and he’s a great fit!

Bill Davis – Red Wing Publishing
I also enjoyed a scrumptious meal at the conference with a large group and one Bill Davis, brand new group publisher of Red Wing Publishing. Bill has extensive history in yellow pages sales at as their area sales manager for premier accounts, he also the former sales director for some big names such as American Consolidated Media and The O.C. Weekly newspaper. With his experience and proven leadership, he is bound to take Red Wing to the next level and inexplicably ‘make that paper!’

Alex Rainert – Foursquare
Foursquare‘s head of product, Alex Rainert, is checking out of the place-based social network he designed with longtime friend and co-founder Dennis Crowley. The two of them worked together on Dodgeball, a location-sharing service that was the predecessor to Foursquare. His exit comes as the NYC-based company, with a user base of 40 million people is competing with the likes of Yelp. No word on where Alex is going.

19 Employees – Clinkle
Seems like a lot of employees have left Clinkle, a buzzy payment startup that has yet to launch publicly. Founder Lucas Duplan raised $25 million in June and it evoked some skepticism because of the large round raised but also because Duplan wouldn’t discuss how his app worked. Since then, Duplan’s team has soft-launched Clinkle on a number of college campuses while keeping the general public uninformed. While Duplan and his investors have said the app will be worth the wait, it seems some early employees didn’t like the smoke and mirrors.

Where to look for jobs now….

Street Fight is looking for a managing editor, a sales director, and a marketing manager. Apply here

Ballantine Communications is in the market for a director of marketing, it’s a great place to work with a renewed commitment to company culture and a brand new digital agency. Plus you get to work with Kricket Lewis, e-mail her for details. Apply here.

VendAsta seeks account executives. Apply here.

There’s an exciting opportunity to join an innovative stealth Boston-area start-up that is developing the first SMB execution of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising. Resume and letter to [email protected]

WWLTV, a Belo property is hiring digital sales executives in NOLA. Apply here.

Leaf is hiring and actively recruiting for a number of positions. Apply here

MOGL is hiring for all areas with many roles available in sales. Apply here.

Can you do product development work? Contact Oracle about their senior QA analyst role. Apply here

Yelp is looking for a business development manager. Apply here

AOL is looking for a product manager. Apply here

Yahoo! is looking for a senior business development manager.. Apply here

Linkedin is looking to hire an international business operations manager. Apply here

Google seeks a channel partner manager – media partnerships. Apply here

Apple wants to find an operations manager (in Shanghai). Apply here

Twitter is on the prowl for a marketing operations manager. Apply here.

Plus new talent looking now….

Highly talented seasoned veteran in corporate strategy and marketing is looking in the NJ/NY area, he will be your point person and main advisor, recommended for well-funded startups or any biz lacking motivation.

Long-time media industry adopter and digitally-savvy mobile marketer and entrepreneur interested in a new opportunity. Chicago based.

Global head of digital product for a major telco in the UK seeks a new role. Over 15 years of experience.

VP of product in California is interested in a new role, over 20 years of varying expertise. Highly recommended.

Ex-Googler based in NYC seeks new business development role.

Social media maven and marketing newbie starting out in Saint Louis MO seeks an entry level role.

President of online consulting firm, works with IYP’s & newspapers and eventually moving over to loyalty-based and digital solutions. Willing to relocate from New England.

Director of development in the Boston metro area, with 6 years of business development, customer acquisition,  partnership building & product development. Available now.

Current VP with 29 years experience in sales management, corporate actions, HR and business development. Located in the Charlotte metro area & ready to move now.

If you are interested in any of these candidates or you would like to be featured as such, please e-mail me at [email protected] for more information.

Kelly Benish is VP of sales and marketing at Search Influence, a national online marketing firm focused on SMBs and white label online marketing for publishers and media partners who serve them. You can follow her on Twitter @Lokellsearch.

Kelly is Global VP of Strategic Partnerships at Uberall