Street Fight Daily: Square Beefs Up Register, LivingSocial Hacked

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Square_Logo_PortraitSquare Beefs Up Its Register for Restaurants (TechCrunch)
Square’s point-of-sale technology and iPad-powered register, Square Register is getting a big update today targeted at better serving restaurants. New features in the release include custom order modifiers and customizable kitchen tickets that allow restaurants to make taking orders and serving food more efficient.

How National Advertisers Can Market Locally Without Losing Brand Consistency (Street Fight)
The biggest challenge large brands face when utilizing local marketing platforms is keeping their messages consistent. Sixty-four percent of brands surveyed are looking for ways to eliminate the customer confusion that can occur when different marketing messages are sent out across competing platforms, and 81% say communicating a consistent brand message is their top priority for the upcoming year. Here are five ways that brands can do just that.

LivingSocial Hack Exposes Data for 50 Million Customers (New York Times)
LivingSocial, the daily deals site, told its employees Friday that it had been breached, and said that data for 50 million users might have been compromised. In a memo to employees, the company, based in Washington, said online criminals had gained access to user names, e-mail addresses and dates of birth for some users and encrypted passwords for 50 million people

The Unique Position of Hyperlocal Publishers in a Real-Time Bidding World (Street Fight)
Dick O’Hare: RTB, by definition, is a digital advertising technology that lets marketers buy and publishers sell display ads dynamically, in real time, on an impression-by-impression basis. In this rapidly evolving world, publishers become relegated to a supply of cookies for marketers to target versus an audience targetable through the association of the publisher’s content and audience profiles. Here’s what’s needed for local publishers to unlock more ad inventory value in this environment.

Life360, A Family Networking App With More Users Than Foursquare, Is Now Headed For Cars, Smart Home Systems (TechCrunch)
Foursquare recently announced it has grown to 33 million users, but another, albeit older, location-based app called Life360 just crossed a milestone of its own: 34 million users. Yes, this family locator utility is now bigger than Foursquare – at least in terms of registered users.

Maps Are for Mobile What Search Is for the Web, Says Waze CEO Noam Bardin (AllThingsD)
“What search is for the Web, maps are for mobile,” Bardin said at our D: Dive Into Mobile conference last week. The latitude and longitude of a location, he argued, are the equivalent of the URL for a Web page.

Despite Foursquare’s Struggles, Chicago’s Evzdrop Isn’t Scared of the Check-in — or “Drop” (GigaOm)
A small startup trying to gain traction in the Windy City, Evzdrop has designed geo-social network that doesn’t connect you to your friends but to strangers wherever you happen to be. To that end, Evzdrop has created a kind of geofenced social network, allowing only people who are actually at a location to engage with one another and the business itself.

Can TikTakTo Build on Top of Daily Deals’ Failings? (PandoDaily)
TikTakTo, a boot-strapped startup based in New York, is launching a Web portal built atop other daily deals sites in an attempt to show that daily deals can maybe, hopefully, become hip again. Users are able to search TikTakTo’s database of 150,000 active daily deals from 2,000 partners for both products and deals; if they find what they are looking for they are passed along to one of TikTakTo’s partner sites, and the company gets a small commission on each sale.

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