PaperG Survey Highlights Rising Importance of Mobile

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A new survey released by local advertising technology company PaperG highlights the clear, continuing indication that mobile advertising is becoming increasingly important to media buyers. In the survey of 512 ad sales executives, 94% said their prospective clients are interested in mobile advertising. Meanwhile, 90% were optimistic about the prospects of mobile display ads.

PaperG CEO Victor Wong (who is speaking on October 31st at the Street Fight Summit in New York) said the survey reinforces the urgency for media companies to shift their focus to mobile: “Mobile is becoming very important for any media company to think about,” Wong said. “More and more of the media companies’ audience is coming from mobile, so it makes sense that monetization efforts around mobile get serious consideration.”

The ad executives surveyed also indicated that digital display and mobile advertising will be the most offered to companies in the future by sales executives. Ninety-four percent said they would offer online display ads in the next three months and 85.7% said they would offer mobile.

Other forms of digital marketing weren’t as popular. Only 34.3% said they would offer Facebook ads; and 28.6% said they would offer search ads — meanwhile, only 62.9% of the executives said they would offer daily deals to their prospective clients.

“Daily deals have likely run their course for most publishers and it’s unlikely that they will become a primary means of monetizing for local publishers like magazines and newspapers,” Wong said. “Perhaps daily deals may have a future as a secondary or tertiary revenue stream, but it likely just has fallen out of favor.” He said that even big names like Groupon have “had a hard time making the economics work” and for most businesses, a daily deal is not a sufficient means of creating future monetization.

The survey also displayed some of the ways companies are losing money, especially through an ad not starting on schedule or delays in the creative department. Over sixty-eight percent of those surveyed said that better education on digital marketing strategies would help them sell more ads.

These media companies who have historically relied on advertising should be thinking about how to increase their core ad business because there are “a lot of easy fixes like faster creatives, spec ads, and selling mobile components,” Wong said.

Isa Jones is an editorial assistant at Street Fight.

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