Street Fight Daily: Pew Studies Local News, LevelUp White Labeled

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

New Pew Study: Where You Live Helps Shape Your News Diet (Nieman Journalism Lab)
Residents of cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas have distinctly different news consumption habits, according to a study out today from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism and Internet & American Life Project. Pew found that while those surveyed in different communities reported similarly high levels of interest about most of the same topics, their habits differ based on where they live.

LevelUp Arms Merchants With White Label Payment Apps (GigaOm)
LevelUp is expanding its reach with a white label tool that lets merchants build their own custom app that uses LevelUp for payments and loyalty. That can help LevelUp appeal to merchants who want to offer a branded app but still connect to LevelUp’s network.

Local Corp., a Web 1.0 Company, Thrusts Itself into Mobile Era with New iOS and Android Apps (Pando Daily)
Local Corp, a publicly traded online phone book of sorts, would not describe the launch of its new set of mobile apps as a game of catch-up. Today the company unveiled the fruits of those perfectionist labors in the form of an Android and iOS app to match its site.

Cisco Acquires Wi-Fi Location Data Analytics Startup ThinkSmart (TechCrunch)
Cisco has made an interesting acquisition today, announcing the purchase of ThinkSmart Technologies, a company that delivers location data analysis using Wi-Fi technology. ThinkSmart’s technology enhances a wireless network infrastructure with location analytics for service provider and enterprise customers.

How Apple is Boosting Its iAd Platform With Seamless Twitter and Passbook Integration (The Next Web)
While many of the features iOS 6 are customer facing, Apple has worked had to make it easy for developers to integrate its new services into their websites and existing platforms. Take Passbook as an example, if the brand or business understands the feature correctly, passes can be automatically added to a user’s Passbook wallet, deliver notifications, remain location aware and increase the brightness of a device’s screen to ensure passes can be scanned easily.

How Location & Small Screen Size Impact Search Behavior On Mobile Devices (Search Engine Land)
Research by Microsoft reported that about 30% of all mobile searches have a local intent, and Google reported that 61% of searches result in a phone call. Search engines already do a great job of customizing search results according to the user’s location, but if you are a local business, the least you can do is to specify your business’s location on various search engine’s Web master settings.

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