Street Fight Daily: Groupon Hits Low, Foursquare Helps Ad Sales

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Groupon’s Stock Hits New Low, Slipping More than 5% on the Day (The Next Web)
One strong quarter has not righted the Groupon ship, as its stock today hit a fresh low. Groupon is trading down about $400 million when compared to what Google was willing to pay for it.

Foursquare Helps Magazine and Radio Station Sell Ads (AdWeek)
Lifestyle magazine Urbanite and public radio station WTMD, each local entities in Baltimore, say Foursquare helps sell traditional advertising. The media brands have teamed up to create a contest-based geosocial game dubbed “The Great Baltimore Check-In,” which they are packaging with print ads, website promotions and radio plugs.

Hyperlocal News Sites Mature as Founders of Baristanet, Dallas South News Move On (Poynter)
“Try to get as many people on your team as you can, even if that means splitting your profits with other people so that you don’t burn out, and so that you will have more eyes on the community,” Debbie Galant told Poynter in a telephone interview. “It really does take a village to build a hyperlocal website.

Merchants Say Fine-Tuned Daily Deals Are Starting to Pay Off (All Things D)
The survey, which tracked 641 small-and medium-sized businesses during three time periods over the past year, found that the industry is performing better based on at least a couple of key metrics. In particular, it noted two areas of improvement: consumers are more willing to spend beyond the deal’s value and the amount spent by repeat customers on their next visit has increased.

Google Adds 20 Museums To Indoor Google Maps, Says More On The Way (TechCrunch)
Following the debut of indoor maps in Google Maps back in November, Google announced today that it’s adding the indoor maps for twenty U.S. museums to its Maps app on Android. The museums now join Google’s collection of over 10,000 indoor maps it has added to its database since the launch in November.

App Developers Can Now “Print To Walgreens;” Company Outed As Aviary’s Strategic Investor (TechCrunch)
A few mobile photo sharing apps were updated last night or this morning with a new option: “print photos to Walgreens.” It’s not a coincidence, but is rather the result of the launch of Walgreens’ new developer portal which is now allowing third-party mobile developers the ability to integrate Walgreens’ in-store services within their applications.

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