Street Fight Daily: Twitter Localizes Trends, 10M Placecast Users

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

Twitter Launches Tailored Trends Based on Location, Who You Follow (TechCrunch)
Twitter announced that it will now personalize its trending topics section based on your location and who you follow. This update, says Twitter, will ensure that the trending topics list will now “show emerging topics that matter more to you.”

Waze And Others Contributing to Apple’s iOS 6 Maps’ Crowdsourced Traffic Data (TechCrunch)
Shortly after Apple WWDC keynote there was plenty of chatter amongst the pundits, journalists and developers about which apps Apple had screwed over with iOS 6. In particular is the turn-by-turn map services now baked into iOS 6, a move that removes Google Maps from the core OS altogether.

Missing the Point on Paywalls (CJR)
Ryan Chittum: Howard Owens’s 5,200 word CJR riposte to David Simon on paywalls deserve a reply of its own (outside of its comments section, which at 126 and counting, you should take some time to read). Owens’s ideas are something of an artifact—conventional wisdom from a few years ago that time and new information have disproved.

Placecast’s ShopAlerts Platform For Geofenced Offers Hits 10M Active Users (TechCrunch)
Mobile advertising company Placecast says that there are now 10 million active users on its ShopAlerts platform. To be clear, many of those people probably don’t think of themselves as ShopAlerts users, because it’s a white label product. Still, it’s a sign that the technology is starting to attract significant consumer interest.

Forrester Gives Proof That ‘Showrooming’ Panic Is Blown Way Out Of Proportion (Business Insider)
Facing intense competition from online, brick and mortar retailers are terrified of being reduced to “showrooms” — meaning that people come to the store to test out their products then order the cheaper version later. But according to a recent Forrester study, these fears are blown way out of proportion.

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