Street Fight Daily: Coupobox Sells, Banjo’s Geo-social Discovery

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

How Banjo Is Finding Success With Geo-social Discovery (GigaOm)
Banjo gives people a way to understand the world around them as if they were viewing a location-based browser, said CEO Damien Patton. And it allows people to drill down further by searching for keywords, so people can find other users nearby who have similar interests.

UK Daily Deals Aggregator Coupobox Sells Up to DealCollector in Another Sign of Consolidation (TechCrunch)
The acquisition is a sign of how consolidation in the sector is hitting aggregators, too. Counting flash sales and private buying clubs with daily deals, there are an estimated 105 sites in the UK alone, with 1,400 across all of Europe, and there will likely be more companies bought or cast by the wayside going forward.

Google+ Local: The Mobile Angle (BIA/Kelsey)
Michael Boland: Google+ Local has less mobile ties than many people’s knee-jerk reaction would indicate. Many of its upsides will certainly be seen in mobile, but I see it as more of a desktop play — at least for now. Its central highlight is an enhanced interface for local business pages (what used to be Place Pages), as well as SERP layouts. These will be more pronounced on the desktop.

DudaMobile Survey: Most SMBs Not Seeking Out Mobile Sites (ScreenWerk)
Unlike other surveys that show growing demand among SMBs for mobile sites and mobile marketing this one shows that SMBs aren’t proactively seeking out mobile and mobile sites. Only 3.1% of DudaMobile’s respondents said that SMBs had approached them for mobile help.

How to Prevent Price-Comparison Apps From Killing Your Business (Mashable)
To fight against showrooming, retailers tend to focus on two things: pricing and merchandising. Regarding pricing, some retailers provide store associates greater flexibility to price match. Though it may save an individual sale, this approach could be a race to the bottom and favors the online retailer who likely has a cost advantage.

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