Street Fight Summit West: Capturing the Local Consumer

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The local consumer is at the heart of everything we all do in hyperlocal. Whether you’re working with a client to develop repeat customers or trying to get more end users to your app or website, you’re thinking constantly about the local consumer.

We at Street Fight think a lot about this consumer, too. That’s why we’ve decided to put a real spotlight on what this demographic is all about at Street Fight Summit West, our upcoming conference in San Francisco on June 5th. The companies that we write about and who read our stories, from hyperlocal media to location-tech and deals/offers businesses (not to mention the legacy businesses who realize they are losing a grip on this demographic), are hyper-focused on what will convince the local consumer to convert into regular brand devotees and regular end users of these new means of finding out about products, brands, stores.

This is not exactly your local newspaper reader (though some may still read it) — it’s a new type of consumer, one born out of an explosion of new technologies that provide new ways to discover local options for food, apparel, hobbies, events and more; they are wired, focused on their immediate surroundings in the present moment, and expecting discounts and loyalty features to boot.

This is a new type of consumer, one born out of an explosion of new technologies; they are wired, focused on their immediate surroundings in the present moment, and expecting discounts and loyalty features to boot.

At Street Fight Summit West, the discussion will focus on this very essential topic. We’ll take a few minutes after lunch to present newly collected data on this demographic based on a 1000-person survey conducted in partnership with sponsor YP (the former AT&T Interactive).

LevelUp’s John Valentine will talk about how his company has quietly developed stronger relationships with merchants than Groupon thanks to its hands-on approach and focus on repeat business. ThinkNear CEO Eli Portnoy will explain how real-time is one of the best opportunities for capturing local consumers and makes local merchants happy — but not without its risks. And Google’s Nitin Mangtani, our keynote speaker, will spell out how the search giant is bringing together its various hyperlocal efforts, from Offers to Maps, to provide a holistic channel through which these relationships will be best discovered and maintained.

Street Fight Summit West is also a chance to spread the word about what your company is doing right in this space, in the context of the newest thinking on hyperlocal. There will be decision makers in attendance from throughout the hyperlocal landscape, to a person working on capturing this group. You’ll find lots of like-minded folks with smart ideas on how to corner the hyperlocal market. You will definitely come away with new business prospects — our returning attendees have privately shared with us some of their stories about the contacts they made (and some more publicly, read testimonials from Summit 2011 attendees and speakers). Next week, we’ll run a story about a Street Fight Summit West sponsor who made a key client introduction at the fall Summit that turned into a major deal for the startup.

What’s more, we’ll have some of the Street Fight writers on hand that you read regularly, such as Stephanie Miles, who every week brings you case studies on how local merchants and national brands are leveraging hyperlocal strategies to amazing results. Steven Jacobs, who edits The Hyperlocal Investment Report newsletter will also be in attendance.

We encourage you to register today, or at least by end of day Monday, when prices rise $100. And we look forward to meeting more of the executives who are working hard to wrap their heads around hyperlocal. Hope to see you there!

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