This Holiday Season, Brands Need to Pay Special Attention to Data Details

Many brands are already breaking out holiday decorations, hoping to attract the efficient crowds this early in the season. But glittery ornaments and fake snow only goes so far: 30% of local search users have cited “inaccurate” information as the issue they most frequently experience, and Google’s “near me” searches have increased 34-fold since 2011. Once the Brandify 360° Network completes initial listing corrections, the solution provides additional insights and value, such as pinpointing where online traffic originates from for specific listings and automating details to save time and energy for management.

Street Fight Summit West: Capturing the Local Consumer

The local consumer is at the heart of everything we all do in hyperlocal. Whether you’re working with a client to develop repeat customers or trying to get more end users to your app or website, you’re thinking constantly about the local consumer. At Street Fight Summit West, the discussion will focus on this very essential topic…