Street Fight Daily: Facebook Bags Glancee, Klout Going Local

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technology.

What Facebook May Do With New Acquisition Glancee (ReadWriteWeb)
Richard MacManus: Over the weekend Facebook bought another mobile social app, this time a product called Glancee, one of the leading apps in “ambient location.” Facebook clearly didn’t buy Glancee because it viewed the company as a potential threat — the Glancee acquisition was about technology and talent.

In Letter to Stockholders, Groupon CEO Explains Strategy (The Next Web)
Andrew Mason, co-founder and CEO of Groupon, says the company wants to build an ‘Operating System for Local Commerce’ in a letter to stockholders that was just filed with the SEC and published on the Groupon blog. He also said the company really wants to be much more than a “daily deals company.”

Foursquare Gets Its Own Searchable Timeline With New History Page (TechCrunch)
Foursquare has tweaked its history page in order to give users a more functional, searchable version of their past check-ins. The new page lets you click on a drop-down box to head back into the previous months or years, while sidebar boxes lets you search and filter your check-ins by location, category or who you were with at the time.

Klout CEO Hints at Upcoming Local Feature (Mashable)
Klout’s February acquisition of BlockBoard, an app that gives people a way to communicate with neighbors, will eventually spawn a new local feature on Klout. CEO Joe Fernandez was sparse on details but says ideas are still in “white board” phase.

Top Sales Talent Leaving Groupon (VentureBeat)
Rocky Agarwal: According to a former salesperson at Groupon, top sales talent is leaving the company as its troubles mount. Salespeople are leaving for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is that volumes on each deal are declining. Top salespeople are often among the first to leave troubled companies: they are easily employable, and the troubles directly affect their compensation.

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