Street Fight Daily: Facebook/Foursquare?, MapQuest’s mqVibe

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce and technology.

Will Facebook Buy Foursquare Next? (ZDNet)
Gambling site Paddy Power wants you to place your bets on what company Facebook will acquire next after its $1 billion Instagram announcement. The timeframe for “Facebook’s Next Acquisition” ends on April 22, and the leading candidate is location-based service Foursquare, with 4/1 odds.

Groupon Accounting Problems Put Spotlight on Board (Reuters)
Groupon has had recurring accounting problems that critics say show a need for more financial sophistication on its board. “Groupon needs a new audit committee with much more financial expertise,” said James Post, a management professor at Boston University.

Consumer Trust in Online, Mobile Ads Grows (NetNewsCheck)
A new Nielsen survey of 28,000 Internet respondents around the globe shows that consumer trust for online and mobile advertising is growing. The survey also revealed that consumers are increasingly trusting online consumer reviews.

MapQuest Goes Hyperlocal (AG Beat)
On mobile and web, offers a tool called “mqVibe” that, according to the company, “is a collection of millions and millions of MapQuest searches/directions, aggregated at the neighborhood level.” As opposed to a generic map search, this tool is specifically for someone looking to get a feel for a new area, somewhere they plan to visit or move, or to learn more about their local area and trends within.

NBC Launches 2012 Election Foursquare Badges (Mashable)
Social media-savvy fans of politics are about to add a new set of Foursquare badges to their collection, thanks to NBC Politics. The badges come in three flavors: “Political wonk,” “campaign advisor” and “chief of staff.” Foursquare users have to follow NBC Politics on the network, then checkin to debate halls, political landmarks and other campaign hotspots and say a key political phrase (such as “vote”) to get the badges.

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