Using LBS to Find Jobs and Workers

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The unemployment rate is dropping — a little. At 8.6%, there are still a lot of people out of work. Meanwhile, employers are still hiring.

If leveraged properly, location-based services can offer the extra boost that helps job seekers and employers make a connection and find the right fit. Here’s how it works:

Job Seeker Check-Ins
“Checking in” to a location on your mobile device can be a strong networking tool leading to connections with others at the same location, or give employers a heads-up of your presence and expertise.

Foursquare, for example, is currently utilized by over half a million businesses/brands. This app and others like it (such as Google Latitude, Gypsii, and Sonar to name a few) can go above and beyond sharing location, opening up a world of networking opportunities for those seeking employment. These apps make it easier than ever to connect with other professionals in the area. By checking in to certain locations — like a professional networking event for example — a job seeker is able to make it known that they and their expertise have arrived. Checking in can also help identify who at the same venue might be worth making an effort to meet.

Employer “Tips” and Location Information
Many apps allow users to attach tips and text to a location. Why not use LBS to alert users in the vicinity of job opportunities? When users, who undoubtedly will include job seekers, check into the area, they will be able to see this information and have easy access to details about company and the job itself, drawing in a bigger audience than traditional methods.

Once potential candidates have been gathered to fill a position, employers can find value in viewing those individuals’ connections on location apps as well as social networks to get an idea of the person and possibly their references. Taking a look at a candidate’s check-in history will also give a glimpse of what kind of social life/history a certain person has — which could be very positive, or perhaps negative, for the job seeker!

Employers, like HP can use tools like HootSuite with Geooko integration to track your social presence tagged to locations. There is a lot of opportunity for employers who utilize location based services to get a better sense of the people they may hire and hopefully find the best possible match.

Staff Check-Ins for Brand Building
Once you land a job you will want to do everything you can to keep a good impression, and location based services may be able to help in this area as well. It can be very beneficial for employees to check in to places, including their own company, which will assist in putting the brand on the map in a bigger way. Frequent check-ins can also help to identify potential networking opportunities for a company based on the places visited and the other individuals in them. This could be an excellent resource to bring to your company’s HR departments attention so they can view opportunities and decide the best way to move forward. Beyond checking in, most apps also allow users to leave comments or tips on certain locations which could be used to boost the positive view of your own brand, or perhaps a clients.

Important to note when using any of these services to benefit your employer is to follow the social media policy the company should have in place. This will ensure your brand is only getting positive recognition it deserves and avoid getting you into any trouble!

Whether you are an individual seeking a job or a company looking to hire, location based services may be a step in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect match. So start checking in! You never know where it may take you.