Shining a Light: ByteLight Goes After ‘Holy Grail’ of Indoor LBS

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Forget about the “last mile,” this Cambridge, Mass.-based company plans to close the last meter, with light-based technology to target shoppers within a a few feet. Street Fight sat down with CEO Aaron Ganick after the dust had settled on their recent funding announcement to find out whether his product could change hyperlocal commerce — or if it was just technology searching for a problem…

Poll: 50.7% of Consumers Would Trade Location Privacy for Discounts

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The survey, which was conducted on behalf of Street Fight by third-party opinions website Toluna, polled 1,000 anonymous U.S. consumers who own handheld devices. 61% of the survey respondents were women. Of the total respondents, those inclined to accommodate ambient location tracking included 61% of individuals aged 18-34…

ReachLocal President: SMBs Aren’t Buying Ads ‘Where the Eyeballs Are’

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Nathan Hanks talks with Street Fight about what works and doesn’t for online marketing, how small businesses are “misappropriating” the money they spend on media, and why integration is the key to rich digital experiences.

Geoloqi’s Amber Case Wants to Simplify LBS App-making

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Case, who is known in other circles as a “cyborg anthropologist,” talked with Street Fight recently about the big issues affecting location-sharing and GPS technology, where Geoloqi fits into the LBS ecosystem, and why geolocation is all about “utility.”

UK Location-Based App Uberlife Comes Stateside for SXSW

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Instead of letting users check-in or constantly broadcasting their location, uberlife works like a hybrid between Facebook events and Foursquare. If an uberlife user wants to meet people in their vicinity, they can create a hangout on the app and followers in the nearby area receive a notification about where that user is or is going to be…

Tagwhat: Creating Location-Based Stories

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Foursquare gave us location-based community and merchant information and established check-in behavior among consumers. Now Tagwhat, a Colorado-based company, hopes to build on that legacy by enhancing users’ location experience with what they call a “mobile encyclopedia of where you are.”

Street Fight Daily: 01.31.12

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups...

Groupon’s ‘Weird’ CEO Takes on Critics (Wall Street Journal)…

Pew: More Than Half Of Adults Used Cell Phones In Stores For Purchasing Decisions During The Holidays (TechCrunch)…

Will Groupon Get Lampooned in New CBS Sitcom? (Forbes)…

Using LBS to Find Jobs and Workers

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The unemployment rate is dropping — a little. At 8.6%, there are still a lot of people out of work. Meanwhile, employers are still hiring. If leveraged properly, location-based services can offer the extra boost that helps job seekers and employers make a connection and find the right fit.

The Legal Battle Brewing Over LBS and Privacy

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Anxiety is rising over the use of location-based services as tools for advertising to consumers. Surveys suggest that consumers see value in LBS, but they are concerned about their privacy. This means LBS providers must walk a tightrope in providing both privacy options and value to consumers…