Street Fight Daily: 11.14.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

25% of American Adults Use Location-Based Services (ReadWriteWeb)
Nowadays, location is baked into pretty much everything that developers do. Wondering who’s actively using geosocial and location-based services? Take a look at this handy infographic.

Journal Register’s John Paton: Newspapers’ Digital Apostle (New York Times)
David Carr: “A bearded man with a round, friendly face, Mr. Paton does not froth at the mouth or flail his arms when he talks about transforming newspapers, but he is absolutely convinced that if newspapers are to survive, they will all but have to set themselves on fire, eventually forsaking print and becoming digital news operations.”

Dennis Crowley on Building a Business: ‘Foursquare Hasn’t Succeeded Yet’ (Betabeat)
Foursquare’s CEO Dennis Crowley says he is always worried about the things that could derail Foursquare, whether its Facebook, Google or any one of the scrappy startups out there. ‘I remember when Facebook launched Places, we were all in the office together, and you could just feel the anxiety in the room.’

Tippr’s Tobias: Daily Deal Forecast—Curtains Close on Act I (CNBC)
“While many of the infinite small deal sites are now being weeded out and even some larger programs are shifting focus, Act 2 will usher in new (but unproven) hyperlocal features from the big, ‘horizontal’ group buying sites and, in particular, well-executed deal programs by niche content publishers,” writes Tippr’s CEO Martin Tobias.

Fly Or Die: Giving Oink A Try (TechCrunch)
“The app could end up collecting a wealth of data about what people like in the real world,” writes Erick Schoenfeld. “There is something very satisfying about seeing the best 25 #burgers in rank order within a 5-mile vicinity drop down on a map.”

Seamless CEO on How the Site Came To Be And Where It’s Headed (Business Insider)
“Seamless is like a startup all over again. It just re-branded itself from Seamless Web, it has been acquiring companies like MenuPages, and it is hiring like crazy,” writes Alyson Shontell. CEO Jonathan Zabusky talks about where the business is headed.

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