Street Fight Daily: 11.02.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Aol’s Patch Taps Ad Tech Startup PaperG To Boost Local Ad Sales (TechCrunch)
PaperG has announced that its technology will be released in over 100 of Patch’s markets, enabling Patch sales teams access instant ad creation, management, and optimization for their litany of local advertisers.

Groupon Founders Will Control Majority Stake Even After IPO (AllThingsD)
Groupon has conducted a two-for-one stock split and recapitalized all of its outstanding shares into newly issued shares of Class A and B stock. CEO Andrew Mason, Executive Chairman Eric Lefkofsky and Director Bradley Keywell will now control 58.1 percent of the voting shares.

How Will Urban Airship & SimpleGeo Affect Mobile Backend Services? (ReadWriteWeb)
Urban Airship made big news in the startup community this week with its acquisition of backend location services provider SimpleGeo. What does this mean for the backend-as-a-service mobile cloud realm?

Using Social Media to Personalize Local Recommendations, Target Ads (LocalOnliner)
Ticketmaster-Citysearch once had the idea that it could spur local commerce by matching concert goers with nearby restaurants, bars and even parking lots. AOL Digital City and Sidewalk explored similar concepts. But no one got it totally right. Now, Weotta is making a go of it, using social media ratings to personalize results.

It Wasn’t Andrew Mason’s Idea For Groupon To Do Group-Buying (Business Insider)
According to several sources close to the founding of Groupon, it was actually chairman, Eric Lefkofsky, who came up with – and pushed – the idea that the company should focus on group-buying, not CEO Andrew Mason.

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