#SFS11 VIDEO: What’s the Next Move for Daily Deals?

In a panel moderated by our columnist Rick Robinson last week at the Street Fight Summit, three top executives from the daily deals industry debated how the phenomenon would evolve, how companies might bring more value to merchants, and what types of companies were most likely to survive. The panel featured Closely CEO Perry Evans, Dealbird CEO Chad Billmyer, and Group Commerce CEO Jonty Kelt.

Among their conclusions was the idea that deals would become more personalized, so that consumers will receive the right offers, based on their preferences (and no longer receive tons of unrelated offers). They also suggested that there would be more “pull” deals, where consumers seek out the bargain that they want. Below is a full-length video of the panel.


Street Fight Daily: 11.02.11

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    November 3, 2011

    Interesting views, and not outside what many see happening.  The deals model is now becoming quite commoditized.  When this happens in most industries, distribution/optimization is what separates the haves from the have not’s.  Anyone can buy this platform at an inexpensive price.  Although maybe not exactly as good, but good enough. 

    There are two likely scenarios.  First, sites offering deals will likely move to an advertising platform with free access to post and get deals.  Second, as the speaker stated, the ability of a business offering a deal will look to technologies to integrate platforms in order to better monitize their customer list and customer acquisition targets.  

  2. Anonymous
    November 6, 2011

    One of the most interesting things that will happen to the daily deal space will be the ability for businesses to create, manage and deliver deals to their existing customers.  Every time a deal site sends a new customer to a retailer it is one more customer that comes into the fold.  Not to mention the customer building that most businesses are already doing via social media.  In the end it is likely that businesses of all sorts will get smarter about discounts and control over their own customers.

    At http://www.offeredlocal.com we are focused on addressing those issues and see it as a big area of growth.

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