Local Quotables: BJ Emerson, Joe Meyer, Tim O’Shaugnessy and more…

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry.

Of all people, the VP of technology at Tasti-D-Lite, BJ Emerson, turned a sharp tongue on location-based services at the LocNav conference in San Jose. Jim Brady talked scale; Joe Meyer described the realization that there was a business in local companies; and one small business owner cleverly noted that Twitter and Facebook don’t do a local merchant much good “if people don’t know where you are located.” More wise words and wise-cracks:

Tyler BellFactualOctober 19, 2011
Twitter@TWBell: “They used to call it ‘stalking’, now they just call it ‘location-based marketing'” -BJ Emerson at #locnav

Jim BradyJournal Register CompanyOctober 19, 2011
Street Fight: Local sites are not easily scalable. For local sites to be good, you need local bodies. So while you can centralize some back-office functions, the core journalism can’t be easily scaled.

Gary GaleNokiaOctober 19, 2011
Twitter@vicchi: “We have the mechanics (of social location) down, but we don’t have the dynamics down” … BJ Emerson’s talk at #LocNav is totally quotable

@JSeattleCHS Capitol Hill Seattle BlogOctober 19, 2011
Twitter@JSeattle: If indie hyperlocal sites ever disappear, know that it was partly to do with how relatively hard it is for small biz to buy advertising

Joe MeyerHopStopOctober 19, 2011
Street Fight: “We were dealing with [big brands] on a one-off basis. But as we started to hear more and more interest from local business, we thought, ‘why don’t we bring that targeting capability to true local businesses – that was the genesis.”

Tim O’ShaughnessyLivingSocialOctober 18, 2011
The New York Times: “Radio stations are a primary means for people to find entertainment and learn what’s going on in their communities […] This matches perfectly with LivingSocial’s mission to help people find great deals and values around them.”

Shane Reed, small business owner, October 14, 2011
The New York Times: “You can have a great Twitter account and Facebook page […] but if people don’t know where you are located and can’t find you, it’s really not doing you much good.”

Thom RuheEwing Marion Kauffman FoundationOctober 19, 2011
Reuters: “Communities looking to support an entrepreneurial ecosystem need to first and foremost have the will to do that, to have community buy-in broadly.”