Local Quotables: Clay Graham, Perry Evans, Claire Hughes Johnson and more…

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The best words about and around the hyperlocal industry.

Perry Evans gets tongue in cheek on deals, while Rocky Agrawal soberly analyzes the Groupon-Yelp correlation and Pat Kitano shows the hyperlocal-Facebook correlation. More wise words and wise-cracks:

Rocky Agrawal, reDesign mobile, October 13, 2011
VentureBeat: Running a daily deal creates a sudden surge in demand, one some businesses aren’t capable of serving. This can lead to disgruntled customers. A recent study by researchers at Harvard and Boston University found running a Groupon can lower a business’ Yelp rating. This can cause long-term harm to a business.

Perry Evans, Closely, October 9, 2011
Twitter: @PerryEvans: Daily Deals can be highly educational. Just today, I learned about the “ancient art of full face threading hair removal”. Who knew!

Clay Graham, WeLocally, October 12, 2011
Street Fight: Hyperlocal blogs can’t use Google Adwords — national keyword-based advertising is a bad fit for their audience. For advertising to work on a hyperlocal site, it needs to be from and about the area — the local brands people recognize and resonate emotionally with in a community.

Claire Hughes Johnson, Google, October 12, 2011
Huffington Post: Location is especially relevant to mobile users, and smart mobile marketing can increase foot traffic to your store as mobile searches often have more “intent” than desktop searches. If you have a retail storefront, direct prospective customers to your store with directions and a map. Hyperlocal ads can also show distance information within the ad, alerting customers to how close they are to your business.

Boyan Josic, Daily Deal Media, October 12, 2011
Daily Deal Media: What our email behavior data shows is that consumers are still signing up and still opening their email messages, but the follow-through action must be lacking. Merchants and daily deal companies need to do more to make customers execute on the offers, either by making more personalized promotions based on consumer interests and/or previous purchases, or they need to offer deeper discounts still.

Patrick Kitano, Domus Consulting Group, October 13, 2011
Street Fight: The value of these hyperlocal Walmart presences will be in the conversations that will take place within the Facebook app framework. Customers “liking” and commenting favorably on Walmart items will broadcast these opportunities to their immediate neighbors, which will have far greater marketing impact than any banner ad.

Jason Schwartz, Matchbook, October 10, 2011
Quora: Having great deals is a user retention strategy.  It keeps your existing users engaged so they don’t churn.  Having a mega deal every so often is a very effective way to re-engage users that have stopped paying attention.  It makes them think, wow, I don’t want to miss another deal like this, better keep reading.