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All the tweets that fit… listening in on the hyperlocal Twitterverse.

This week, Rob Curley notes that “innovative” doesn’t always drive readership; Closely’s Perry Evans calls Zagat “an aggregation model and methodology,” and Grapphic’s Michael Fives rolls his eyes at TechCrunch, AOL and HuffPo. And more:

Steve Buttry,, September 7, 2011
@stevebuttry: #JRC numbers show: “Digital dimes can replace Print dollars. … Digital revenues can pay for newspaper newsrooms.”

Marissa Mayer, Google, September 8, 2011
@marissamayer: Acquisition announcement haiku: Delightful deal done; Zagat and Google now one; foodies have more fun! #gogooglelocal

Dennis Crowley, Foursquare, September 14, 2011
@dens: @janchip Hmm our experience is quite the opposite. Seeing where friends checkin in both new citites & familiar neighborhoods aids discovery

Rob Curley, Greenspun Interactive, September 10, 2011
@robcurley: I loves this. But innovative doesn’t mean people will read it. I know! “How data is driving innovative journalism” —

Perry Evans, Closely Inc., September 8, 2011
@perryevans: Zagat is not just a trusted crowdsourced review brand, it’s an aggregation model and methodology. Anyone know if they hold patents on this?

Michael Fives, Grapphic, September 7, 2011
@michaelfives: The whole techcrunch / aol / huffpo thing is like watching a bunch of spoiled children misbehave

Naveen, Foursquare, September 9, 2011
@naveen: excited that foursquare’s global hackathon next weekend (sept 17th) will take place simultaneously on six continents. (come on, antarctica!)

Vin Vacanti, Yipit, September 9, 2011
@vacanti: RT @christinacaci@vacanti can’t you imagine Eric Lefkofsky’s reaction? “There’s no crying in daily deal sales!”

Tristan Walker, Foursquare, September 14, 2011
@tristanwalker: Joy from @starbucks on cust. relationships – “My drink, my store, my barista. Very similar 2 how 4sq thinks abt users staking claim to place

Lisa Williams, Placeblogger, September 12, 2011
@lisawilliams: I’m also learning to code because journalism’s responses to the major problems of our age aren’t good enough.

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