Street Fight Daily: 09.09.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

Zagat gives Google the best local content in one fell swoop, as well as relationships with thousands of local advertisers, writes Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. “Now Google can plug the best local content into its many products and have the best local search product. … This is important because local is the next big online advertising opportunity. Daily deals are just the tip of the iceberg.”   (Business Insider)

“Local is going to be big; I think everyone realizes that,” says Sameet Sinha, a senior analyst at B. Riley. “But in this sort of capital markets environment, long-term projects aren’t given much leeway, especially a project like Patch that is much more people intensive than tech intensive.” It’s just “not something that should have been undertaken by a company the size of AOL.” (PEHub)

As part of its effort to provide more online hyperlocal news, the Fisher Interactive Network is partnering with the Rainer Valley Post and the Beacon Hill Blog to provide news coverage for Southeast Seattle, an area of the city that the company believes is currently underserved by news organizations. (Broadcasting&Cable)

Nearly 20 million U.S. adults will redeem a mobile coupon this year, including coupons or codes received via SMS, applications and mobile web browsers; quick response codes for redemption online or offline; and group buying coupons purchased via mobile. By 2013, the number using such coupons will nearly double, and 16.5% of all US adult mobile phone users will redeem a coupon that year. (eMarketer)

Since we last checked in with Homicide Watch D.C., Laura Amico has continued to make good on her site’s promise: Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case. There are just two problems with the Homicide Watch model. One, the work is relentless and Amico is only one person. And two, she isn’t making a penny. (Nieman Lab)

“Sometimes, you reach a point where you think all the newspapers should just combine their audience and online advertising efforts and be smart, big, technologically savvy and competitive with everyone else,” writes Peter Krasilovsky about the Digital First team up between Journal Register and MediaNews. (Local Onliner)

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