Street Fight Daily: 07.20.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

When reporters are in the field with their smartphones and they have a story to tell where both photo and location are vital, a stream of Flickr photos imported into a Google Map will do the trick. (10,000 Words)

When it comes to national distribution, the majority of daily deals sites are in less than 10 big markets. Just under 20 percent of daily deals players are in a single market, while 69 percent of sites are in between 2 and 9 markets,   (TechCrunch)

Over a third of all searches on Yelp come from mobile, and Yelp’s mobile apps have 4.5 million unique users, said Eric Singley, consumer product leader at Yelp. “Mobile is a great way to close the loop with businesses,” Singley said. (PaidContent)

Local newspapers and television and radio stations are bit players in the burgeoning daily deals industry, but they have a distinct advantage as they expand their efforts in this sector: their community connections and local sales forces. (NetNewsCheck)

Increasingly, some of the more established hyperlocal groups in Edinburgh (Scotland) are realizing that it is not individual blog posts that matter – it is building a sustainable relationship with a local audience and developing it into a community of ‘”engaged” citizens that matters, writes Ally Tibbit. (Talk About Local)

A social media director at a well-known media company sent a surprising message yesterday: “I’m hiring for an entry level job, social media stuff.  The percentage of resumes which have Patch editors/writers positions on it is astounding.” (Business Insider)

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