Street Fight Daily: 06.01.11

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal media, technology, advertising and startups.

What’s next in the evolution of geolocation? Foursquare’s most attractive qualities — the social game of checking in and the availability of local deals — arguably provide a foundation. But will we need more value if checkins are ever to hit the mainstream? (Mashable)

Google is beginning the roll-out of its Daily Deals service, Google Offers, today. The news that Google is getting into the daily deals space is not a surprise. Google attempted and failed to acquire Groupon for $6 billion last year.  Google claims that Offers will take the heavy lifting of marketing off of the business owner, allowing the business to simply focus on the customer. (Mashable, The Next Web)

“Towns and cities may be the Petri dishes that stress test the vitality of different species of online hubs,” writes Alexander Howard. “The ones that will stick around will have meet the information needs of citizens better than the alternatives — or have sustainable business models. In an ideal world, they’ll have both.” (Huffington Post)

Twitter has a lot of uses for local news sites. Using it as a tool for your organization’s weather reporting is one worth experimenting with. (10,000 Words)

A survey released by LivingSocial shows that daily deals and have a significant impact for businesses. The survey, which included 200 Australian retailers that had offered deals through group buying sites, showed that over 95 percent said they saw an increase in customers. (Daily Deal Media)

Foursquare is at a crossroads. Last year, app was the darling of the digerati, hitting all the key trends of the moment: smartphones, social media, location-based services, even video-game mechanics. But now the company has almost 10 million users, and it is moving beyond the early-adopter market. (Financial Times)

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