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Why Mobile Marketing Needs to Evolve Past Physical Location

3 Comments 12 March 2014 by

In order for location targeting to be effective, marketers must think beyond just physical location or proximity to their store. It means moving beyond the traditional mindset of 'who' you are trying to reach to include 'where are they,' 'what are they doing,' 'what are their interests' or even 'what might their intentions be,' based on past behavior...

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Why In-Store Messaging Needs Offline Measurement

2 Comments 03 March 2014 by

Offline, in-store environments historically have had limited tools for measuring impact of any marketing effectiveness, reach, or exposure. But mobile location technologies with geofence capability measure shopper behavior and produce actionable data sets, opening new opportunities to quantify messaging impact. Measurement is not only possible, but actionable...

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On Location

LBMA Podcast: Mobile Mixed Founder Talks SMS Marketing

1 Comment 21 February 2014 by

Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. Top stories of the week include Sears offering curbside pickup; Virgin America’s new in-air social network; augmented reality on the bus; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago’s interactive billboard; Localytics brings in $17M in funding; and Yahoo! partners with Yelp...

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The New News

Reuters’ Salmon: Facebook and Twitter Don’t Replace Community Journalism

3 Comments 20 February 2014 by

We all know that Facebook, Twitter and other social media are transforming news in major ways. But Reuters blogger Felix Salmon says social media — especially Facebook — aren't just changing news as we have known it, but creating an entirely new news product that is defined by "personalization." I went to Salmon to find out if there's a place for community news sites in this world of personalized information...

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The New News

Could a Hybrid Model Scale Community News and Keep the Passion?

4 Comments 14 February 2014 by

Neither big media nor independent journalistic entrepreneurs have succeeded in finding a scalable model for hyperlocal news and information. So why couldn't we try a hybrid approach that adopts what’s best about each? It begins with editor-publishers who have a passionate commitment to community, and would be balanced by a scaled business model that will pay attention to cost curves and be open to new revenue opportunities...

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Streets Ahead


As Google Updates Places, Could Some Merchants Find Their Listings Deleted?

1 Comment 12 February 2014 by

Local SEO consultants and service providers offer businesses the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone is watching the forums and industry news in order to act on policy changes and new developments quickly. Given the complexity of local SEO and the fast pace of change, it’s unreasonable to place the onus for listing management solely on the small business owner...

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Apple’s Next Trick: Making the Retail POS Disappear

6 Comments 10 February 2014 by

The idea is to enable shoppers to conduct roving transactions throughout retail stores by scanning items with their iPhones, paying on the spot via iTunes then going on their way. No checkout aisles, no gum-snapping shopgirl, no 15 items or less. It creates a world where the mobile device is the POS...

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The New News

One Model for Successful Hyperlocal News: Break the Rules

8 Comments 06 February 2014 by

StuNewsLaguna has become a success in its sunset-renowned coastal community in Orange County, Calif., by ignoring and even violating some of the “best practices" of hyperlocal journalism, and paying no heed to the people-don't-care-about-local-news critics. Shaena Stabler, the 28-year-old co-owner with founder and veteran Orange County journalist Stu Saffer, explains how she and Saffer are making StuNews succeed...

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Consolidation Watch — Where to Look for Deals in Local Tech

No Comments 04 February 2014 by

The first half of 2013 saw total investment activity, which includes both M&A and private financing, grow from a year earlier, as the number of deals stayed flat but total reported deal value jumped from $5.2 billion to $7.2 billion over the same period. Expect to see more deals — both large and small — in the local space as big firms search for a foothold in the industry and host of maturing startups look for the exit...

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Is Guest Blogging Dead? Focus on These Link Building Strategies Instead

No Comments 03 February 2014 by

While guest blogging used to be a respected link building practice – and still might be okay in some instances – it is now often considered a violation of Google’s quality guidelines. And in the future, Google could penalize websites that accept guest posts if Google believes the business is attempting to gain links without truly earning them. Instead of placing all of your eggs in the guest blogging basket, it is best to focus on authentic link building. Here's how...

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