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Using In-Store Analytics To Counter the Threat from Disruptive Digital Retailers

No Comments 08 May 2014 by

Online retailers have successfully proven that leveraging analytics drives conversions and improves shopper experience. Indoor analytics provides these same invaluable insights to physical stores, closing the data gap between digital and brick-and-mortar environments...

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Facebook’s Path to Dominating Mobile (Local TBD)

No Comments 05 May 2014 by

Facebook Audience Network will apply Facebook's audience targeting to third party apps, such as those using Facebook Connect for log-in authentication. The beauty of such an off-site network is that it uses Facebook's data and positioning to continue milking demand for mobile ads, without killing the cow...

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Five Trends That Will Shape the Future of Local Commerce

1 Comment 30 April 2014 by

Two decades after the first ecommerce site, the commerce landscape has begun to shift again. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a resurgence in innovation around mobile as technology companies develop new ways to bridge the gap between ecommerce and offline spending. Here are five trends, which will shape the future of commerce over the next decade...

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Revenue Flowing Faster to New Marketing Channels, But Integration Is Key

No Comments 23 April 2014 by

A recent advertising report from the IAB found that U.S. interactive advertising revenues hit an all-time high of $42.8 billion in 2013, with digital exceeding broadcast television advertising revenues ($40.1 billion) for the first time ever. But some brands who are succeeding at hyperlocal are integrating legacy channels rather than eliminating them...

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The New News

Locable’s Aim: To Help Sites Build Community as a Brand

No Comments 22 April 2014 by

Locable is a network of 50 local and hyperlocal websites that shows its "partners" how to build community around their brand. It does this through an approach it calls “Main Street for the 21st Century.” In this recent Q & A with Street Fight, the company's co-founder and CEO Brian Ostrovsky talks about what this approach means, and how community sites can position themselves for success...

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Putting Small Businesses on the (New) Google Map

1 Comment 18 April 2014 by

Google Maps is a key resource that businesses can use to get more local searchers to discover them online. But can it also help them get more leads? The simple answer is yes, but it’s a not as easy as simply claiming a listing. It’s only by taking advantage of all that Google Maps has to offer — and then tracking how traffic from your maps listing converts into leads and customers — that you can see just how powerful accurate, optimized maps listings can be...

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The New News

Niche Site CHARLIE Goes Big With Underwriter Le Creuset

No Comments 18 April 2014 by

After an initial stint doing publicity in the movie industry in Los Angeles, Caroline Nuttall migrated to Charleston, S.C., and fell "head over heels" for its "beauty and progressive culture." She expressed her passion for the city by creating the local digital magazine CHARLIE, whose words, images and design capture the many faceted, old-new richness of her publication's namesake. Here Nuttall tells Street Fight how she navigated CHARLIE to new revenue streams, including an underwriting partnership with national cookware maker Le Creuset.

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Streets Ahead

Recent Studies Show Mobile’s Broadening Reach

No Comments 17 April 2014 by

The reports underline what we might call the inherently local nature of mobile search. Whether you are in a store contemplating a high-ticket purchase or downtown hoping to discover a new restaurant, the phone in your hand is your portal to timely and actionable information as well as marketing incentives that are increasingly likely to gain your attention...

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Reconsidering Location for On-the-Go Consumers

No Comments 08 April 2014 by

Out-of-home works because it is exactly what its name implies. That’s a powerful advantage. But with great power comes great responsibility. And in order to capitalize on this advantage, we need to re-think our approach. Once we start regarding out-of-home as a behavior (specifically, of consumers on-the-go) instead of just a set of location-specific screens, our success is almost guaranteed...

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The New News

How a Connecticut Network Helps ‘Indie’ News Sites Bridge Revenue Gap

No Comments 28 March 2014 by

Networks of independent community news sites are growing up and expanding out, and one of the biggest is the three-year-old Independent Media Network, which provides multiple layers of services — in advertising, editorial, business and tech — to more than a hundred community and other news operations in Connecticut...

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