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Selling to SMBs: ‘Layering the Question’ to Get the Answers You Need

1 Comment 03 November 2014 by

Sales reps should always want as much additional information about the decision-making process as they can get, because they can use that information to show value to other customers. By asking the client questions, you can obtain information about the client’s pain points, which will help you to highlight relevant benefits offered by your company...

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Mobile Payments Still Facing the Same Big Obstacles

2 Comments 28 October 2014 by

This year has been a turning point in mobile payments, as Square, Paypal, along with Apple and others like SoftCard (formerly ISIS) have all made strides in their digital payment offerings. But three years after starting a now-defunct mobile payments company, I've identified three big reasons why we will not be paying with our phone in everyday retail stores for a long time to come...

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The New News

Mike Shapiro’s TAP Gets New Branding and a Network Strategy

No Comments 09 October 2014 by

The six-year-old Alternative Press (TAP) network of community news sites in suburban New Jersey and Pennsylvania has a new name — — and a new look. It also has a new strategy aimed at leveraging content and audience reach across TAPinto's sites, 32 of which are franchisees...

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The Benefit of Beacons Is in the Past and the Future — Not in the Present

1 Comment 08 October 2014 by

The discussion around bluetooth beacons and other proximity messaging technologies has largely centered on real-time advertising. But the benefit of beacons extends well beyond the "here and now" scenario; the devices create new opportunities for marketers to build deeper audience segmentations and more advanced location targeting that we’ve barely begun to explore...

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The New News

Why Entrepreneurial Publishing is Catching Fire in Local Digital

1 Comment 03 October 2014 by

Traditional journalistic publishing models are collapsing right before our eyes as entrepreneurs — often with no standard journalistic background — are starting highly innovative and financially promising community news websites in many metro markets. In this Q & A, the University of Florida’s Randy Bennett explains how and why this new model of publishing is starting to replace the old models exemplified by the corporate businesses of “legacy” newspapers and broadcasters...

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Should Local Advertising be Bracing Itself for On-Demand?

1 Comment 03 October 2014 by

For the local advertising industry, which is still withstanding ripples with its shift from print to digital, why not look ahead to on-demand? Just because expectations among SMB owners have been conditioned towards moderate turnaround doesn’t mean an SMB wouldn’t be absolutely thrilled to have their newly purchased website and SEM package running tomorrow instead of next month...

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Streets Ahead

Worldwide communication and social media concept art.

How to Maintain a Rational Social Marketing Strategy in a Confusing Landscape

No Comments 02 October 2014 by

Small business owners may find themselves perplexed by the variety of opportunities to engage socially with consumers. Of course, it would be premature to suggest that any SMB needs an Ello marketing strategy. But there’s an advantage to be gained in keeping your marketing strategy attuned to the groups actively pursuing interests relevant to your business...

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Is Apple Pay Fixing a Problem Consumers Don’t Have?

1 Comment 29 September 2014 by

Paying with a credit card isn't broken. So mobile payments have to offer something greater than reducing my wallet by the atomic weight of a credit card. We're talking tangible benefits like skipping store lines, saving time, or monetary rewards. Without these benefits, I don't see how the masses will be compelled to change such an entrenched habit...

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The New News

Will Local Media Consortium Save Lee From Knife’s Edge?

1 Comment 25 September 2014 by

Lee Enterprises is meeting its Chapter 11 debt obligations, recently stretched out debt payments at lower interest, and has cut expenses by $285 million — albeit at cost to editorial quality at the local and community levels. But with the company likely having done much of the cost cutting available, the pressure is on to keep increasing digital ad revenues...

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Selling to Small Businesses: Getting Your Pitch Past the Gatekeepers

No Comments 24 September 2014 by

Having better conversations with gatekeepers is one way to improve the sales process. Most inquiring sales reps tend to ask a gatekeeper when the decision maker will be available and then quickly end the sales call. This is a waste of a great opportunity to gather valuable intel. A gatekeeper can be your unwitting scout, giving you the information you need to better serve your prospective client...

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