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Street Fight Daily: Ebay Considers Paypal Spinoff, Square Launches Analytics

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A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology

paypalEBay Considering PayPal Spinoff (Reuters)
EBay is considering a spinoff of PayPal, its fast-growing payments unit, as soon as next year, according to sources. EBay told potential candidates for the position of PayPal chief executive officer, a post that David Marcus vacated in June, about a possible spinoff of the payments unit.

Square Goes After Small Businesses With New Suite of Analytics Tools (Mashable)
Square launched a suite of analytics tools on Thursday intended to help sellers track how their business is performing in real-time. The service, called Square Analytics, is free and integrates with Square’s point-of-sale system.

Majority Of Digital Media Consumption Now Takes Place In Mobile Apps (TechCrunch)
U.S. users are now spending the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile applications, according to a new study released by comScore this morning. That means mobile apps eat up more of our time than desktop usage or mobile web surfing, accounting for 52% of the time spent using digital media.

Case Study: QSR Chain Drives Revenue With Hyperlocal Tools (Street Fight)
When it comes to selecting which hyperlocal platforms he’ll adopt at Mixt Greens, co-founder David Silverglide is clear on what he’s looking for: “It needs to be driving incremental revenue. It can’t just be trying to siphon off our existing customer base in a different way, or shifting them to a new platform.”

Back-to-School Shopping Has Changed Forever  (AdWeek)
Not only is back-to-school shopping happening earlier in the year, the sweeping adoption of mobile has rewritten the playbook of how mom and dad buy the goods—and what goods they buy. A study released by Nielsen this morning shows that, as of this month, 18 percent of respondents had already started their shopping.

Yes, We Can Uber (New Yorker)
Before the Internet, those who needed services and those who could provide them had fewer ways to find one another; companies like Uber use our newfound connectedness to put us in touch. What’s more, the companies can profit handsomely because they don’t actually own the property used to provide the service—the cars, in Uber’s case, or apartments, for Airbnb.

Wireless Location Beacons are Now the Size of Stickers (Verge)
Estimote has released a new product called Nearables, a smaller and thinner version of its beacons that do the same things, but with a shorter overall battery life. The company is using newer components and a smaller battery inside a flexible enclosure that has an adhesive back in a size that’s meant to keep it out of sight

Swift Navigation Raises $2.6 Million For Its Ultra-Precise GPS System (TechCrunch)
Swift Navigation hopes to improve GPS with centimeter-accurate GPS technology that can be used for a much wider range of applications. The company has developed a GPS module that comes at a fraction of a cost of competing chips with the same accuracy, which it hopes will be used in all sorts of agriculture, drones, and construction applications.

LBMA Podcast: Amazon’s Local Register, Dealmaker Media’s CEO (Street Fight)
On the show: Verve Mobile’s programmatic direct platform; VMBeacon brings mannequins to life; Cucalu confounds; Yahoo buys it’s 31st mobile company, Zofari; Glympse works on your wrist; and Gilbarco-Vedder Root teams with Verifone at the gas pump.

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