Report: What Local Merchants Are Missing With Social Media

Two-thirds of small local businesses are using social media for marketing. Yet despite this broad adoption, and an overall good perception of digital marketing effectiveness, results with social have been disappointing.

7 Strategies for Maximizing the Success of SMB Social Media Campaigns

More than four out of every five small businesses now use Facebook as a marketing vehicle, but that doesn’t mean merchants on Main Street have social media all figured out. Thirty-one percent of merchants who don’t use social media say they “don’t know how,” and 13% say they “don’t know what to post.” Here are seven strategies for maximizing the success of an existing social media campaign from a few of the experts who work in this field.

Offerpop CMO: Social Media Engagement Is All About Clickthroughs

New York City-based social media marketer Offerpop works with close to 29,000 merchants (mainly SMBs) both in the U.S. and abroad. Street Fight recently caught up with the company’s marketing chief, Mark Cooper, to find out more about how the company helps small businesses engage consumers over social media.

Opportunity Ripe for Hyperlocals to Help SMBs Get Social

There is a wide-open opportunity for companies to step in and service literally hundreds of thousands of SMBs who need to develop a social marketing plan. Hyperlocal publishers are well positioned to support their business communities by providing turnkey social marketing services…