xAd Foot Traffic Data Reveals QSR Trends, Maps Audience Segmentation Opportunities

At a high level, the report, based on 37 million visits xAd observed on its platform from April 1 to June 30, gives us the inside track on which brands have been the most successful in driving foot traffic to their premises — and which brands have a way to go.

Why Marketers Must Focus On Data ‘Far Beyond Location’ to Build a Sharper Picture Of Consumers

Tom Laband, the CEO of adsquare, recently spoke with Street Fight about the rise of mobile data, the positive impact on targeting and the company’s wider strategy to “go far beyond location” to provide intelligent mobile data for holistic and effective mobile campaigns.

Europe’s adsquare Unlocks More Data in New ‘Marketplace’ for Hyper-Contextual Advertising

For brands and retailers, it’s evident that the battle to win customers will be fought with data — lots of it. But more data could also be too much of a good thing. A new self-service offering from Berlin-based adsquare aims to help advertisers “navigate the data deluge.”