SITA Acquires Passenger Analytics Startup MEXIA—Here’s Why That Matters for Brick-and-Mortars

In a move reflective of the growing importance of in-store analytics solutions for retailers, airport services giant SITA has acquired passenger analytics startup Mexia Interactive, the companies announced last week. 

Walmart Reimagines In-Store Shopping Experience with Mobile Update

Walmart’s new Store Assistant is an all-encompassing mobile app solution that includes features such as Walmart Pay, a product search bar, and a product scanner that shoppers can use to double-check prices inside stores.

Street Culture: How RetailNext’s Growth Is Driven by Diversity

As the company has grown, according to CEO Alexei Agratchev, it has experienced two “productivity peaks,” where fewer people are doing a huge amount of work. Then new hires are brought on, and the productivity stays about the same for a few months as the growth potential is realized. This can be a frustrating cycle to manage.

Beacons to Shine a Light on Consumers’ Murky Path to Purchase

Retail activity this holiday season promises to be more omnichannel than ever, courtesy of the ever-present smartphone. That raises the stakes for retailers in terms of their preparedness and complicates their attribution metrics. With online-to-offline shopping dynamics in focus, this may be the long-awaited breakout year for beacon technology.

Unlocking the Power of Passive In-Store Data Analytics

In the world of indoor location analytics there are two types for data collection: active and passive. Retailers have embraced active data via apps and are now testing beacons — but they should also consider the value that passive location data brings to the overall understanding of consumer behavior in-store…

5 Platforms That Gather In-Store Analytics from Surveillance Footage

Nearly 64% of retailers have installed some form of IP-connected video surveillance system to protect against theft. Now, a relatively new category of hyperlocal vendors are providing businesses with new ways to capitalize on the technology they already have installed. Here are five tools that retailers large and small can use to make more strategic operational decisions based on the data they gather from video surveillance cameras…

6 Strategies for Measuring the Impact of In-Store Messaging

By 2016, mobile is expected to have a $327 billion influence on in-store sales, but many of the merchants who utilize these hyperlocal technologies are having difficulty determining the true ROI of their campaigns. Here are six strategies for businesses to measure the impact of their in-store messaging campaigns…

Street Fight Daily: Target Focuses On In-Store, Nokia’s Hyperlocal Future

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal content, commerce, and technologyTarget Tightens Focus On Mobile As In-Store Shopping Tool (Mobile Commerce Daily)… Sizing Up The Nokia That Remains, HERE Business A Bright Spot That Gains More Platform Freedom (TechCrunch)… Who Needs Foursquare More: Google, Yahoo Or Microsoft? (MarketingLand)…