GumGum Helps Marketers Reach Gamers with Native Ads

A new partnership between the contextual-first digital ad platform GumGum and Frameplay, a company that enables intrinsic in-game advertising, could give multi-location brands a way to reach gamers in select markets while also enhancing the playing experience for those seeking more in-game rewards.

Mobile Apps Show Strong User and Engagement Growth

Privacy headwinds as well as the advent of the metaverse and a new wave of hardware have led many to question the future of mobile’s place at the center of digital marketing. But according to a new report by mobile marketing measurement company Adjust, mobile is experiencing significant growth despite headwinds.

Advertising Costs for Casual Mobile Games Are Down This Holiday Season

While costs will likely continue to fluctuate, the post-IDFA reality is here to stay. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps mobile game marketers can take to better manage their spend and increase down-funnel performance across all categories during the 2021 holiday season and beyond.

Why Advertisers Are Turning to In-Game Offerwalls

Think of offerwall as a mini in-game store that lists potential tasks that a user can complete in exchange for in-game currency. The task or event could be a variety of actions such as installing another app and carrying out a specific task, completing a survey, or signing up for a service. It’s popular with engaged users who want to experience premium content by investing their time rather than money. 

Game developers benefit from increased retention and the ability to engage with and monetize a user that otherwise may not have turned ROI positive — in some cases even turning them into paying users. The benefits for the advertiser are numerous. 

Social Distancing and Gen-Z

Social distancing and self-quarantining have changed the world in a matter of weeks. How is Gen-Z responding? They are flocking to apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat to pass time and interact with family and friends. Facebook and WhatsApp have lost their reign over the competition during lockdown.  

To get a better understanding of Gen-Zers’ habits, routine, and lives during the pandemic, Brainly, the world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community, surveyed over 1,700 of them. 

4 Marketing Use Cases for AR Today

Augmented reality is making the leap from hyped technology of the future to driver of cutting-edge marketing techniques today. To document the state of the field and shine a light on those use cases, the IAB released its AR marketing playbook earlier this month.

In case you’re too busy to peruse the pdf, I’ll detail the major use cases outlined in the report.

Street Fight Daily: LivingSocial CEO to Step Down, Court Rules Against Yelp

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Placecast, SocialVibe Partner to Combine Geolocation and Virtual Currency

SocialVibeA new partnership between digital ad company SocialVibe and location-based mobile marketer Placecast will deliver virtual currency, accumulated via online browsing and gaming, to consumers looking for geotargeted retail discounts…