PlaceIQ Releases Location Data Accuracy Study, Debuts ‘Dynamic Distancing’ Tech

The company has released the results of an independent, third-party analysis of location data accuracy in 150 locations across five U.S. cities and also announced the launch of its Dynamic Distancing technology, which it says offers comprehensive, “reality-based” data for use by brands and marketers.

PlaceIQ Looking to Build a Role for Location Tech Into TV, OOH, and Even Direct Mail

Brands don’t want only to measure the persuasive powers of their mobile ads. They also want to know the efficacy of their TV, OOH, online, and even direct mail efforts, which is where PlaceIQ, with its freshly acquired $25 million, wants to deliver bigger results.

PlaceIQ Adds Location Analytics To Help Brands Understand Real-World Behavior

In a push to buttress its ad targeting business, PlaceIQ has added two new analytics products, PreVisit and PIQ Analytics, that aim to provide marketers with a better understanding of their audiences by drawing insights from their consumer’s location data.The company believes that new features, coupled with its recently release attribution product, will allow marketers to better optimize their campaign based on insights drawn from real-world behaviors.

PlaceIQ CEO: Our Goal Isn’t to Improve Click-Through Rates — It’s to Understand Consumers

Fresh off of a $6.75 million round of funding earlier this year, targeting firm PlaceIQ is hard at work breaking down the physical world by location in order to analyze data and show the which ads will resonate best with consumers based on where they are at a given time. In a recent interview, the company’s CEO Duncan McCall spoke with Street Fight about where PlaceIQ fits in a crowded mobile advertising industry and how advertisers can use time, location and creative to understand consumer behavior…

Place Off: A Week in the Life of the Mobile Local Revolution

A couple columns back, I covered the collision of big data, mobile and local (please refrain from acronyms… “BiDaLoMo”!). That covered some location analytics players like JiWire and Sense Networks. But since then, the action has picked up. In the last week alone, I’ve had in-depth conversations with others defining this space including Placed, PlaceIQ, and Telenav…

Street Fight Brings Popular Summit to San Francisco!

On June 5, hyperlocal’s brightest minds will converge on the Bently Reserve in downtown San Francisco for Street Fight Summit West, the first West Coast conference produced by Street Fight. Confirmed speakers and attendees include some of the top thinkers in hyperlocal. Early bird tickets are available at a 50% discount for a limited time…

iPad 3 Predictions: What Will Apple’s New Tablet Mean for Local?

It’s always hard to foresee the effects that new products will have, but here are five predictions from the people in the industry about how the iPad 3 could impact location technology…

Harnessing Geo-Location Data to Profile Places

PlaceIQ CEO Duncan McCall talks about how his company’s technology collates geo-location data sets to give profiles of specific places. By tracking and deciphering patterns of foot traffic, mobile searches, and even weather data, he says his company can give advertisers and merchants a deeper understanding of the opportunities around them.