iPad 3 Predictions: What Will Apple’s New Tablet Mean for Local?

On Wednesday Apple is set to unveil the iPad 3. There are a plethora of rumors about different features we can expect from the new tablet; better camera, new apps, 4G connectivity. But how will the new tablet affect location-based services? It’s always hard to foresee the effects new technology will have, but here are five predictions from the people in the industry about how the iPad 3 could impact location technology.

1) More Content: “What this means is they are going to tap into the huge potential of LBS in a similar way that smart phones do — people will use them to search and consume local focused content, will use them for directions and navigation etc…” (Duncan McCall, PlaceIQ)

2) More Local Purchases: “Already tablet owners are proficient local searchers — 64% conduct local searches on the device daily and 86% of local tablet searches result in a purchase, according to our 2012 Local Search Usage Study. With SIRI hopefully to be one of the new iPad 3 features, these rates will continue to grow.” (Gib Olander, Localeze)

3) Augmented Reality: “I’ve seen a number of cool experiments where people display layers of local information using augmented reality. That said, the display can be a little hit and miss. It would be interesting if Apple took a crack at improving augmented reality. AR is here to stay, and I think we’re going to see a lot more AR in SoLoMo apps over the next 5 years.” (Luke Stangel, Tackable)

4) Local Advertising Opportunities: “As they become more ubiquitous, the opportunity to personalize messaging and advertising to users on tablets opens up a huge opportunity similar to location-aware smartphones.” (Duncan McCall, PlaceIQ)

5) New Wave of Search Apps:  “The latest iPad, with its ability to capture and use context like where we are, who we know, where we’ve been, will unleash a new set of opportunities for app developers to change the way we think about local search.” (Gib Olander, Localeze)

Isa Jones is an intern at Street Fight.

  1. ABrianD
    March 8, 2012

    I like the fact that the content will be crisper, easier to see and provide more opportunities to improve the look and feel of content. 

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