Quantifying the Physical World with a Product-Based Approach

By having access to real-world consumer footprints and analytics in real time, businesses have the potential to make decisions on product marketing quicker and more reliably.

Unlocking Audiences for Brands: Uniting Client Goals with Demographic Research

Uniting your client’s instincts with actionable data from social media, keyword research, content analysis, and analytics creates a hyperlocal strategy to reach their most interested clients. There are four key strategies for marketing companies that want to take their clients beyond mere traffic increases to high ROI and conversion rates.

How Arrivalist Is Using Location Data to Measure Exposure to Travel Ads

In the past, destination marketers relied on active input from visitors who shared comments on what made them book a trip to a particular place. The ability to anonymously track devices, however, has opened the door to new ways to get real data on travel.

Local Listings Get a Real-Time Update from Brandify

The company’s new digital marketing platform combines the power of tech with the authority of the human brain. Brandify’s Nip Zalavadia, says the platform has the capability to access and analyze huge amounts of data, but also uses real people to address details that often fall through the cracks of automated software solutions.

Street Culture: Why Lunch Is a Big Deal at Euclid Analytics

At six years old with about 40 employees, the company is currently in a growth phase, and will likely grow considerably in the next year. Euclid’s director of product, Alexander Reichert, says that the daily lunch hour has been a kind of string that ties the team together.

Why Data Attributes Power the Long Tail of Local Search

The mandate for brands is simple: manage data attributes as a crucial element of your location marketing strategy. But it’s not enough to create attributes. You need to constantly monitor the ever-changing nature of your business and your customers and be ready to act on your attributes as needed.

Why Marketers Must Focus On Data ‘Far Beyond Location’ to Build a Sharper Picture Of Consumers

Tom Laband, the CEO of adsquare, recently spoke with Street Fight about the rise of mobile data, the positive impact on targeting and the company’s wider strategy to “go far beyond location” to provide intelligent mobile data for holistic and effective mobile campaigns.

Parse.ly’s Audience Analytics Help News Sites Make Stronger Case to Advertisers

Audience analytics firms Parse.ly aims to give community news sites the same kind of in-depth information that platforms like Facebook provide about how users are responding – and not responding – to content. The company aims to help editors and reporters make decisions that can go right to the bottom line, leading to higher revenue.

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Massive Opportunity in Local Data

The difficulty of accessing local data has been changing with the rise of smartphones. We no longer have to guess and approximate where consumers go, because mobile phones can provide data that paints a much richer picture of where, when, and why users visit the world around them.

Picking the Locksmiths: Bizyhood Unlocks the ‘Ghosts in the Data’ Problem

What would you do if you wanted to game Google into thinking you’ve got a vast network of local shops servicing area customers based on their search queries? According to a recent New York Times article, some lead gen companies are creating thousands of ghost listings to achieve just this. Bizyhood is trying to combat the practice.

The Context for Contextual Marketing Is Changing

The idea behind contextual marketing makes a lot of sense. But in practice, contextual marketing is getting pretty hairy, especially for location-based marketing. That’s because context is getting more complicated

Foursquare’s Attribution Solution a Step in the Right Direction, but Still Leaves Gaps for Marketers

Foursquare—the location-based social network that now calls itself a “location intelligence” company—recently stepped into the analytics business. The company’s entree is a product called Attribution Powered by Foursquare that is intended to help brands measure how media impacts foot traffic in brick-and-mortar locations. To fuel this intelligence, the company pulls data from a panel of […]

PlaceIQ’s Mandeep Mason on Looking at Location from an International Perspective

PlaceIQ’s EMEA General Manager, Mandeep Mason, discusses international expansion, why this is a good time for local marketing, and why local analytics need to be part of any overall media plan.

Companies With Culture Data Outperform Those Without It

To figure out how to identify the right interactions to promote, CultureIQ measures 10 different operational and strategic company qualities. Three are most important: support, work environment, and mission and value alignment.

Holiday Shopping Data Roundup: $39 Billion to Be Spent Locally This Year

The holiday season isn’t just a big time of year for retail spending; it’s also a big time of year for retail spending data. The stats indicate one common trend: Purchasing is going to be more omnichannel than ever. Here’s a rundown on some key data points for this holiday shopping season.

All Politics Is Data for 2016 and Beyond

The saying used to be that “all politics is local.” A more appropriate term for the 2016 election cycle might be “all politics is data.” In fact, with their emphasis on audience and local targeting and their growing adoption of programmatic buying, political campaigns have begun to increasingly resemble marketing campaigns.

Movie Theaters Missing the Mark on Local Advertising Battle

A recent data analysis by digital marketing company Where2Get, for its “Brand Battle” series on Street Fight, compared the success of AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas. A winner between the two did emerge — AMC, by a hair, as both companies could do better to address their local marketing strategies across the country.

Street Fight Daily: GoDaddy Resumes IPO Push, Google’s Local “Snack Pack”

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technology…All systems go for GoDaddy IPO (Street Fight)… Google Local Pack Displaying Logos In Web Search Results (Search Engine Land)..
You Don’t Have to Geotag Your Tweets to Give Away Your Location (Observer)…

#LDS15 How Technology Could Kill the Internet of Things

These days, technology can do almost anything. But Amber Case, director at geographic information system company ESRI and the self-proclaimed cyborg anthropologist, thinks the frenzy of development may actually be holding back innovation.

#LDS15 Stefan Weitz: Machines Have Enough Data to Understand the Real World

“We now have enough data to allow machines to figure out what the real world is,” Weitz said during a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver Thursday. “Technology will not replace us — it will augment our lives; and search, in particular, is about to radically enhance reality.”