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These Consumer Trends Will Define Retail in Summer 2021

Brands that don’t want to be seen as “digital laggards” will need to deploy omnichannel strategies to meet consumers where they are, pairing the digital innovations of the Covid era with effective brick-and-mortar customer experiences.

This Holiday Season, Brands Need to Pay Special Attention to Data Details

Many brands are already breaking out holiday decorations, hoping to attract the efficient crowds this early in the season. But glittery ornaments and fake snow only goes so far: 30% of local search users have cited “inaccurate” information as the issue they most frequently experience, and Google’s “near me” searches have increased 34-fold since 2011. Once the Brandify 360° Network completes initial listing corrections, the solution provides additional insights and value, such as pinpointing where online traffic originates from for specific listings and automating details to save time and energy for management.

Holiday Shopping Data Roundup: $39 Billion to Be Spent Locally This Year

The holiday season isn’t just a big time of year for retail spending; it’s also a big time of year for retail spending data. The stats indicate one common trend: Purchasing is going to be more omnichannel than ever. Here’s a rundown on some key data points for this holiday shopping season.

Forecast: Consumer Daily Deals Spending to Reach $5.5 Billion by 2016

“We’re leaving phase one, in which deals companies basically sent out sharply discounted deals to large mailing lists,” said BIA/Kelsey’s Peter Krasilovsky. “Deals companies are now beginning to also focus on the merchant relationship, offering them a variety of business services, from reporting and payment processing to loyalty programs and continuous, instant deals.”