How 5 Brands Leverage Voice Search Technology

Twenty percent of mobile searches now are voice-initiated, with voice technology users most likely to ask about business addresses, directions, and hours, followed by whether stores carry specific items. Let’s look at how five of these brands are taking advantage of voice search, and what other industry players could be learning from their approaches.

LBMA Podcast: Burger King Swipes McDonald’s Customers, Target Experiments with AR

On this week’s LBMA podcast: AdMov, Xamoom celebrates “Silent Night,” Burger King swipes McDonald’s customers, Dunkin’ fools Portland, MA, Stella Artois’ beer-serving robot, Target selling Christmas trees with AR.

LBMA Podcast: Ninth Decimal and Branded Cities, Swrve, Burger King

On this week’s Location-Based Marketing Association podcast: Swrve’s Payload, UnDigital, Branded Cities + NinthDecimal, Tommy Hilfiger, Singapore Airlines, and Burger King France.

Street Fight Daily: Yext Set to Raise $115.5M in Today’s IPO, Snap Offers Brick-and-Mortar Attribution

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5 Quick-Serve Restaurant Brands Using Artificial Intelligence to Change the Way We Eat

The type of ultra-personal service that was once offered by waiters at mom-and-pop diners is now being duplicated by highly-sophisticated computer algorithms, as many of the country’s largest restaurant chains start investing more in artificial intelligence technology.

Street Fight Daily: Mobile Search Explodes, Facebook Ends the Free Ride

A roundup of today’s big stories in hyperlocal publishing, marketing, commerce, and technologyIn 2013 Mobile Search Exploded but the Dollars Haven’t Followed Suit (Yet) (Pando)… Facebook Is Ending the Free Ride (ValleyWag)… Foursquare CEO: Google and Yelp are ‘Incredibly Broken’ (VentureBeat)…