Peak-a-Boo: Retail Apps See You Street Fight

Peak-a-Boo: Retail Apps See You

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Do branded apps usage peak, after holidays, tentpole events, or other special occasions, for you? Airship, which helps brands optimize their mobile app experiences for customers, released research this month that shows the struggle is real for retailers trying to capture and sustain long-term value from app downloads during “peak” times of the year. Airship […]

Airship Uses OpenAI to Enables Localized Content in Different Languages

Airship Uses OpenAI to Enable Localized Content in Different Languages

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App-customer retention rates just got a little easier to achieve if one tech company has its way. Airship, which puts the user experience at the center of the branded-app ecosystem and has powered trillions of mobile app interactions for thousands of global brands, has made some upgrades to its own technology. For the first time […]

Retailer Apps Embraced by Consumers Worldwide

Survey: Retailer Apps Are Embraced by 78% of Consumers Worldwide

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Retailer apps are having a moment, one that will likely get even bigger. According to a survey of 11,000 consumer respondents conducted by Airship, a mobile-app management platform that has worked with brands including the BBC, GameStop, McDonald’s, and Vodaphone, 78 percent of respondents said they use retail mobile apps for shopping. The percentage of […]

Inform Your Multichannel Customer Experience Strategy

5 Live Chat Platforms with Location Intelligence

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As mobile interactions become the new norm, more retailers and brands are seeking out mobile-friendly live chat solutions that leverage real-time customer behaviors, like locations and progress within the shopping lifecycle, for more personalized SMS chats and in-app messages.

mobile notifications

Brands Are Pushing More Notifications During Covid-19. Here’s Why

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According to a benchmark study of more than two billion app installs, recently released by the notifications and customer engagement platform Airship, users are quicker to click on notifications now than before the pandemic began. Thirty-two percent of website visits by opt-in users in March were from direct opens of web notifications, as direct open rates for mobile app push notifications reached their absolute-highest average rate in more than four years.

Airship Acquires Apptimize to Sharpen Mobile Marketing Experiences

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Airship rebranded to emphasize its shift from push notifications to a broader suite of messaging tools. Apptimize will help its clients iterate across channels and solutions as they attempt to find the best way to reach customers flooded with marketing and other kinds of media.

Heard on the Street, Episode 29: Push Notifications and Tech History, with Airship’s Mike Stone

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Airship has been innovating around push notifications for more than a decade, a lifetime in internet years. Airship SVP of Marketing Mike Stone, the latest guest on Street Fight’s Heard on the Street podcast, broke down the company’s approach to the mobile marketing business.

“There are two dimensions. One is the proliferation of devices and the channels that are attached to them, but there’s also that much more difficult thing of what consumers are willing to do,” said Stone. “The devices are one thing, but it’s also, once they’re there, where’s that line of creepy versus helpful.”

As GDPR’s One-Year Anniversary Approaches, Where Are We Now?

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One year in, it’s clear that the full impact of GDPR still hasn’t been felt. The regulation is structured in a way that puts less pressure on large companies than smaller businesses, and that’s something that regulators will have to continue sorting out. But the changes Europe’s law portends are undeniable: Privacy legislation is coming to the United States, and the data collection practices that made many Silicon Valley pioneers rich will never be quite so unbridled again.

Factual Partners with Airship and Braze to Power Location-Based Mobile Marketing

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The partnership will enhance Airship and Braze’s efforts to furnish clients with precise mobile messaging based on the location of the customers they want to reach. Airship and Braze help brands engage their customers, retaining their business and ideally driving them back in-store. Airship rebranded, dropping the Urban from its name, last month.

Urban Airship Rebrands as Airship, Offers Broad Suite of Mobile Customer Engagement Solutions

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In a bid to expand its solutions well beyond push notifications, marketing firm Urban Airship is dropping the qualifier Urban from its name and launching a new identity as Airship, a customer engagement company that works with brands to target and coordinate customer interactions across apps, websites, SMS, email, mobile wallets, and other emerging channels.