The Influence of Local Guides on Google Reviews: Part 2

Figuring out what type of Local Guides are leaving reviews, and what kind of reviews they are leaving, matters for a few reasons. First, Local Guides are responsible for writing more reviews of local businesses than any other group on the internet. Second, Local Guides write reviews under circumstances that make them different from ordinary consumers: They are self-selected volunteers who get rewarded, albeit in a non-monetary fashion, for their contributions. Fairly or not, they are often thought of as biased and their contributions as less valuable, merely “written for points.” Third, the true characteristics of Local Guides are not well known, because they have not yet been subject to this type of study.

Roundup: 2022 Predictions on CTV/OTT and Adtech

Each month, Street Fight sources expert insights from the businesses in our ecosystem on our theme. This month’s theme is 2022 predictions, and our experts share their takes on B2B streaming advertising, capitalizing on first-party data, ad automation, and digital video content.

What I Learned from 50 Examples of the New Local SERP

After conducting more than 50 “local intent” searches, I’ve found that not all of them return the new “mega map,” nor is the new layout as consistent as it at first appeared it would be. The range of searches I tried includes generic keyword searches for brick-and-mortar stores, such as the example above, as well as searches for local service providers, chain stores, products, and more. I tried covering a broad base of searches covering a range of categories. I made sure all of my searches would be interpreted as local by appending “san francisco” to each query.

Catch-(20)22: Where Do Mobile Apps Go from Here?

The privacy solution is sitting right in front of marketers’ faces. Shifting data analysis onto the mobile device of each user is the path out of this impossible situation. Not only does it solve the privacy issue, it also makes it possible to enrich previously available data with much richer datasets, some of which are available immediately upon download.

Superior Customer Experience is the Gift that Keeps on Giving All Year Long

All brands and retailers are competing against each other for sales this holiday season, and the surge in e-commerce has favored big retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target thanks to accessibility, convenience, and marketing dollars. Local businesses, which previously thrived on outpacing big brands with superior in-person customer service, are now being pushed to adapt to the new consumer, one who spends less time browsing a retail location and more time scrolling online.

LBMA: Alexa Arrives in NYC Christmas Window Displays

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Skyhook signing a partnership with Sigfox, Asda partnering with GoodMaps to help the visually impaired navigate stores, Girls trying coding inside Doja Cat’s new music video, and Alexa in a Pear Tree — Alexa arrives in NYC Christmas window displays.

2022 Predictions: Immersive Tech Edition

Here are three predictions for what could happen at the intersection of immersive tech and local commerce. And because I often disparage broad predictions that don’t have any teeth, we’ve included action-specific or figure-based statements in each prediction (highlighted in bold).

Roundup: 2022 Adtech & Martech Predictions

Each month, Street Fight sources expert insights from the businesses in our ecosystem on our theme. This month’s theme is 2022 predictions, and our experts share their takes on measurement and advertising optimization, consumer trust, contextual ads, and marketing with social good as a guiding principle.

SOCi Study Finds 62% of Google Reviews Are Written by Local Guides

Local Guides write most of the reviews on Google today — about 62% of all reviews, in fact. In the restaurant category, the dominance of Local Guides is even greater, with Local Guides writing about 69% of all reviews.

2022 Will Reshape the Future of Ad Tech

ID solutions for the open web are going to be invaluable for publisher monetization, so in 2022 collaboration will dramatically increase. ID partners in 2021 operated in the identity arena like a circular firing squad. Everyone claims their privacy is better than others, and everyone who has a solution wants to say theirs is the only one that works. In reality, all have to work together.

Mobile Marketing Trends for 2022

Companies had to act quickly to respond to sudden changes within the mobile marketing ecosystem as user activity shifted and time spent online increased. If you are wondering what to expect in the mobile marketing ecosystem for 2022, this guide will help you set expectations and stay ahead of the curve. Here are three mobile marketing trends that must be on your radar in 2022.

Buy Now, Pay Later BNPL

Converting Scrollers into Shoppers: Why Social Commerce is Key for Holiday Retail Success

The use of social commerce is gaining momentum, and it presents a huge opportunity for retailers to establish meaningful connections with consumers. In fact, 93% of executives are already moving their e-commerce strategies to social media, and 79% expect to use social media to sell products and services over the next three years, according to data from the Harris Poll and Sprout Social.

LBMA: Circle K Teams Up with Pokémon Go

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers CVS rolling out audio prescription labels, Circle K teaming up with Pokemon Go, Precisely releasing a dynamic demographic offering, and Volkswagen embracing AR for Amazon shipping boxes.

2022 Martech Predictions on Retail Media, CTV/OTT, and Messaging

Each month, Street Fight sources expert insights from the businesses in our ecosystem on our theme. This month’s theme is 2022 predictions, and our experts share their takes on the growth of retail media, the battle for consumer attention, the growth of CTV/OTT, and the increasing centrality of messaging to marketing.

2021 Ranking Factors Report Underscores Importance of Google Profiles and Reviews

Three of the most notable trends — the ever-increasing importance of native Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) factors and, in particular, of reviews, as well as the diminished impact of citation building — are reinforced this year, with Google profile optimization accounting for 36% of local ranking, up from 33% last year, and reviews inching up from 16% to 17%, while citations continue at 7%, down significantly in importance compared to their prominent role in earlier years.

5 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2022

2022 will be another big year for digital advertising. Over the next 12 months, we are likely to see new norms take shape surrounding privacy, targeting, and evolving channels, fundamentally reshaping the industry as we know it today.

LBMA: Supermarket Uses In-Store Data to Drive Programmatic DOOH Ads

In this episode of Location Weekly, the Location-Based Marketing Association covers Life360 acquiring Tile, Albert Heijn using in-store data to inform programmatic DOOH ads, Mondelez Vietnam using AI in a mooncake marketing campaign, and WaitTime bringing load-balancing tech to retail with a Mall of America pilot.

Is Shopify Plus Worth It? Here’s What You Need to Know

So, what version of Shopify do you really need? Shopify Plus is the top-tier option and the priciest, but it offers exclusive features and capabilities designed to skyrocket growth and sales. Learn more about what Shopify Plus has to offer and see if it’s the best choice for your business.

How D2C Brands Are Capitalizing on Physical Stores and Shifting Metrics of Success

Now, digital-first brands are embracing brick-and-mortar. In doing so they are upending the way we measure success in physical retail spaces and rewriting the retail playbook in the process.

Digital Advertising Has a Promising 2022 in Store — for Those Who Get Ready for It

The industry is moving away from third-party cookies, toward VR/AR experiences, and into a rebounding economy. We’ll see more things transform in 2022 — and here are some trends that I see accelerating, which advertisers, agencies, and publishers need to watch.