How ReachLocal Used an Irreverent Holiday to Get Back to Its Startup Roots

Every two weeks, Street Fight takes a look at the inventive, and at times crazy, ways some of the fastest growing companies in local create the type of unique culture that attracts the best and brightest…

Street Culture: Booker CEO on Interviewing for Fit and Creating Company Values

“When I interview, I’m interviewing for fit. Skills and competency and willingness to learn, those all come after fit,” McCarter said.

#LDS15 VIDEO: How Big Data is Transforming Small Business

In a panel at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver earlier this month, companies discussed their approaches to helping small and medium-sized businesses analyze and use their own data…

#LDS15 VIDEO: “Put the Internet Into Products — Not Products on the Internet”

In a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit, technologist Chris Dancy spoke about the blurring lines between privacy and convenience: “If your life is a platform, how you live your life is going to become very important.”

#LDS15 VIDEO: Payments, Panels, and the Push for Mobile Attribution

Offline attribution has become one of the defining challenges of the mobile advertising industry. Consumers are often using their devices to purchases in stores — not online — creating a measurement headache for brands and media buyers.

4 Musts for Making Mobile Click-to-Call Work

In a Street Fight webinar Thursday sponsored by Telmetrics, Jay Weintraub, CEO and founder of, and CJ Arseneau, VP of marketing for Telmetrics, addressed how companies are moving closer to tracking customer purchase behavior from an online impression to offline action…

#LDS15: Taking Programmatic Advertising Into the Real World

“Programmatic [advertising] is getting more complex in the ecosphere,” Andrew Beckman, CEO of Location3 Media said. “When you’re able to have the right messaging across all channels, and [the consumer] is moving around with their phone or searching from their desktop, I believe you’ll be able to attract that consumer into your store or purchase something within a specific local area.”

#LDS15 VIDEO: How MasterCard Uses Its Payments Data to Understand Customers

During a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver earlier this month, Cristobal von Walstrom, vice president of location intelligence at MasterCard Advisors, said that the company is adding information to a 10 petabyte database at a rate of 160,000 transactions per hour, which deliver a range of insights about the businesses where those transactions take place…

#LDS15 VIDEO: The Potential — And Pitfalls — Of Beacon Marketing

It’s not just about the product or service anymore — retailers must support a positive shopper experience across different channels in order to compete. During a panel at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver, experts discussed the need to address a new consumer journey where consumers move fluently between the digital and physical worlds…

#LDS15 Gil Elbaz: Location Isn’t Just Where You Are

“Location isn’t just where you are,” Gil Elbaz, chief executive at Factual, said during a fireside chat with Street Fight co-founder Laura Rich at Local Data Summit in Denver Thursday. “It’s also what’s happening, who else is there, events, what are people buying. There’s a lot of information to synthesize.”

#LDS15 Why Payments Data Is the Next Goldmine for Retailers

What we buy often tells a lot about who we are. That’s why payments data – information about what consumers buy, when they buy it, where they are coming from and every other detail imaginable – has become a goldmine for some retailers. But many retailers either don’t collect it, or are not using it to its full potential…

#LDS15 How Technology Could Kill the Internet of Things

These days, technology can do almost anything. But Amber Case, director at geographic information system company ESRI and the self-proclaimed cyborg anthropologist, thinks the frenzy of development may actually be holding back innovation.

#LDS15 Why Google Will Dominate Local Search for a Decade

During a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver Tuesday, David Mihm, director of local search strategy at Moz, argued that a few key innovations will keep the search giant on top. The company’s massive local data set, said Mihm, offers a distinct advantage that will allow the firm to leave competitors further and further behind.

#LDS15 Stefan Weitz: Machines Have Enough Data to Understand the Real World

“We now have enough data to allow machines to figure out what the real world is,” Weitz said during a presentation at Street Fight’s Local Data Summit in Denver Thursday. “Technology will not replace us — it will augment our lives; and search, in particular, is about to radically enhance reality.”