Vericast Collaborates with Snowflake to Transform Marketing Engagement

Vericast Collaborates with Snowflake to Transform Marketing Engagement

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Vericast, a prominent marketing technology company, has embarked on a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, to pioneer solutions aimed at empowering marketers to engage with consumers in more impactful ways. Leveraging technology innovations and exclusive data available in Snowflake Marketplace, the company is set to revolutionize marketing engagement, driving meaningful commerce across various industries.

Empowering Marketing Excellence

This collaboration between Vericast and Snowflake marks a significant milestone in the world of marketing technology. Through innovative breakthroughs and access to exclusive data in Snowflake Marketplace, Vericast is positioned to provide marketers with the necessary tools to execute strategic visions and engage customers in meaningful, privacy-safe ways. This partnership underscores a dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that yield results and foster enduring consumer relationships.

As Marc Mathies , SVP NXTDRIVE at Vericast, told StreetFIght , “Engaging with Snowflake has allowed Vericast to help marketers in a way that goes well beyond strategic first-party data management. This powerful collaboration drives new value for brands in the form of unparalleled agility and depth of insights to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Vericast is deeply focused on establishing meaningful consumer experiences. Our partnership with Snowflake, combined with our data, technologies like NXTDRIVE and long-standing expertise in data intelligence, allows marketers to succeed at scale.”

Revolutionary Marketing Technologies

Vericast’s suite of marketing technologies, powered by Snowflake, includes the NXTDRIVE Customer Data Marketing Platform. NXTDRIVE offers marketers a unified, user-friendly solution to streamline first-party data utilization, enhance marketing intelligence, and drive personalized customer engagement for optimized performance. Leveraging Snowflake’s robust structured query language format and automated data ingestion services, NXTDRIVE empowers marketers to overcome data challenges and gain deeper insights into customer behavior while upholding privacy standards.

“What distinguishes Vericast is our data, expertise, marketing technologies, campaign experience, and relationships built over 50 years,” said Pradeep Ittycheria, president, Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions at Vericast.

Unlocking Data Value with Snowflake

The alignment with Snowflake unlocks unprecedented opportunities for brands to derive deeper consumer insights and drive prescriptive marketing strategies. By leveraging Vericast’s extensive online and offline data within the Snowflake ecosystem, marketers can capitalize on enhanced discoverability and utilization of data assets at scale. This collaboration facilitates the creation of unique derivative data products and offers a secure avenue to extract value without compromising data integrity or consumer privacy preferences.

Proprietary Data Products

Vericast’s proprietary data products, available in the Snowflake Marketplace, provide brands with unparalleled access to valuable consumer data. Products like “New Movers” and “New Construction Post-Movers” enable marketers to reach consumers with precision, leveraging verified data sources and patented hygiene and identity resolution technology. With nearly 100% coverage of U.S. mailing addresses, it’s data products furnish brands with high-quality data to fuel their marketing endeavors.

Future Expansion and Opportunities

The company envisions expanding its presence within Snowflake, offering additional opportunities for brands to leverage its data assets.  As Ittycheria states, ” We’re focused on marketing activation that drives results and builds meaningful consumer engagements and experiences.” Through its data mesh infrastructure strategy, the company aims to introduce supplementary data products, services, and AI-driven solutions to deliver value for marketers. Leveraging its longstanding partnership with the USPS® and advanced technologies, they are positioned to deliver  marketing solutions that drive results across businesses of all sizes.

With a laser focused commitment to privacy and security, Vericast and Snowflake seem to be effectively positioned to drive marketing engagement and fostering meaningful commerce on a global scale.

George Wolf is a senior writer at Street Fight. who has a passion for technology as it relates to local merchants and national brands. He is particularly interested in the constant evolution of the privacy landscape.