Swiftly Connects the Cart to the Screen for Save a Lot

Swiftly Connects the Cart to the Screen for Save a Lot

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Large multi-location (MULO) grocery stores have the resources to develop technologies that enable consumers to make their shopping lists, see sales and coupons, and arrange for delivery or pick-up. But smaller stores may have been at a disadvantage — that is until Swiftly stepped in. 

Swiftly, a leading provider of innovative technologies, partnered with Save A Lot, one of the country’s largest discount grocery chains, to offer the same type of tech-powered shopping experience that big-brand grocery shoppers have enjoyed. Save A Lot has about 800 stores in 32 states.

For independent brick-and-mortar grocers, retail media has been a challenging landscape, dominated by national chains with access to established networks.

Technology amplifies visibility for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies and other supplier partners.  

Henry Kim, CEO of Swiftly says:

Our solutions are tailor-made for retail independents like Save A Lot, and we’re confident in our ability to support the company’s digital journey from start to finish.” 

Our speed-to-market and unique reporting capabilities will empower Save A Lot’s independent owners. They can now leverage the scale of the Save A Lot corporate chain with a best-in-class digital platform that drives revenue within Swiftly’s extensive retail media network. We look forward to a promising partnership ahead.”  

Brands are not the only players who win when technologies are rolled out. Fred Boehler, CEO of Save A Lot, adds:

“Pushing Save A Lot into the digital age is a key focus for our leadership team and Swiftly plays a critical part in this journey. Our customers are looking for ways to stretch their dollars as economic challenges make it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.”

Adding screen-based technologies to the shopper’s “digital basket” benefits grocery stores and also consumers’ wallets. Plus, CPG companies that are offering new products, deals, and discounts can push shoppers to buy their products through increased visibility.

 Trey Johnson, Chief Merchandising, Marketing, and Sales Officer at Save A Lot speaks to the benefits of technology for independently-owned and operated stores.

“We can now equip our supplier partners with advanced tools for personalized communication and targeted promotions, thereby reinforcing relationships with our value-focused shoppers. This win-win unlocks enhanced marketing ROI for suppliers while ensuring our customers feel valued and informed every step of the way.” 

Today’s marketing “Street Fight” is often won through the deployment of consumer-friendly technologies that drive preference and sales — regardless of the size and management structure of a brand.

The Swifty/Save a Lot alliance is a great example of how, by investing in the right technology, independently owned chains and franchises can deliver the same level of personalization and marketing as those offered at big box stores.

Nancy A Shenker, senior editor with Street Fight, is a former big brand (Citibank, Mastercard, Reed Exhibitions) marketing strategist and leader. She has been featured in Inc.com, the New York Times and Forbes.