An Infusion of Franchise Savvy from Dana Kupper of PrimeIV

An Infusion of Franchise Savvy from Dana Kupper of PrimeIV

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Dana Kupper was inspired by her husband (a brand ambassador for PrimeIV since 2019)  to become the owner/operator of an IV franchise. (She also has a corporate job at American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts.)

We’ve written about the BOOM of the needle and how MULO (multi-location) businesses that provide health-related infusions are on the upswing. Franchise based PrimeIV has over 100 locations nationwide and has experienced steady growth.

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Kupper has been operating her location for about six months and offers her perspectives on operating a franchise and the role of corporate ownership and other franchisees in building success at her storefront (which is located in Scottsdale, Arizona).

Passion for a category is only the first step

“I’ve been a fervent fan of IV treatments since 2018, and the idea of helping people look better, feel better, and perform better became my dream job, and I just couldn’t resist!”

 I can’t say I’ve had many ‘shock and awe’ moments. Being part of a franchise has been an amazing experience. We didn’t have to start from scratch, and the support and guidance from the corporate office and fellow franchisees have been invaluable.”

Kupper believes that hiring a PR professional is critical to the success of the business so far. Although some franchisors limit the autonomy their operators have (especially in terms of marketing), PrimeIV gave Kupper the freedom to hire locally dedicated talent (Holly Morgan). She was able to get media exposure for the brand. “It’s all about balancing autonomy with responsibility, and so far it’s been a harmonious journey,” says Kupper.

Leveraging the Power of Other Locations Can Lead to Success

“I’m constantly in touch with our fellow franchisees, from coast to coast. Locally, we Phoenix Area franchisees meet up monthly and maintain regular communication. Additionally, I’ve been reaching out to those franchisees who’ve been in the game for a while, gleaning their insights, learning from their successes, and avoiding their pitfalls. Our location had a fantastic start, and now many franchisees reach out to us for advice on how to replicate our success. It’s a rewarding experience to be a source of inspiration!”

So, What’s Next After Needles?

“We’re looking to elevate our client experience by adding Cryotherapy to our spa offerings. It’s an excellent complement to our IV treatments and has some fantastic health benefits. Moreover, we’re exploring the possibility of expanding to a second location. We’re all about community, and we’re actively exploring ways to partner with local charities to give back.”

Kupper also stresses the importance of great customer service and hiring the right talent. The company uses technology to book appointments, but also focuses on the human element of business operations.

Her corporate background gives her a unique perspective on the needs of today’s working professionals, and she targets specific treatments for different work situations. For example, if someone is planning a business trip, she recommends IVs that boost immunity. If someone has been unplugging a little too much after a night of drinking and dining, a different drip is in order.


Nancy A Shenker, senior editor with Street Fight, is a former big brand (Citibank, Mastercard, Reed Exhibitions) marketing strategist and leader. She has been featured in, the New York Times and Forbes.