Locality Says Start Your Election Spending

Locality Says Start Your Election Spending

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Election season will be here before you know it, and TV remains the star platform for political campaign media spending. According to AdImpact, political ad spending is projected to reach upwards of $10 billion in media spending, with TV (broadcast, cable, streaming, etc.) on track to rake in half of that number. Locality, a TV-advertising solutions provider is committed to unlocking the power of local reach and engagement and driving dollars to the local video marketplace. Locality was “born” in June with the merger of CoxReps and Gamut, both media-sales companies.

Locality contracts with publisher partners to ensure support of all current and upcoming consumer privacy laws. It operates in 11 offices across the country to meet the needs across every DMA. Its clients include those in automotive dealership groups and insurance companies. Locality has served more than 4,500 advertisers – both national and local/regional brands – across a wide array of industries providing them local broadcast and streaming TV advertising solutions.

Ann Hailer, who was President of CoxReps and is now President of Linear Broadcast at Locality, is helping the company gear up for election season. She thinks now is the time for political candidates to maximize local. She sat down with StreetFight to discuss political spending in more detail.

How are you helping political candidates maximize audience reach in local markets?

At Locality, we harness the power of over 150 streaming publishers and 300 broadcast stations to effectively connect political candidates with their constituents. Recognizing that all politics are local, we prioritize reaching voters where it matters most: from statewide coverage down to individual congressional and legislative districts. This granular approach ensures that messages are tailored and relevant, resonating with the unique needs and concerns of voters. By combining the vastness of our reach with the intricacies of local nuances, we enable candidates to solidify their connections, and navigate a path towards electoral success with precision and authenticity.

Which candidates are you working with and where?

2023 is off to a strong start. We’re seeing the heaviest activity right now in the GOP Presidential primary. However, there is also plenty of activity for 2023 races – with big city mayoral races and competitive Gubernatorial races in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, as well as the state House and state Senate in Virginia. We expect this activity to accelerate as we end this year and transition straight through to 2024 with a closely divided U.S. House, and even closer U.S. Senate, and of course – Presidential.

With Locality, how far is the audience reach from that of the two separate companies that form it?

Locality’s premium inventory features 150+ streaming publishers and 300+ broadcast stations that cover 100% of U.S. DMAs. Its broadcast reach is 198 million adults 18+. Streaming reach is 155 million adults 18+.

What can Locality do for local TV advertisers that CoxReps and Gamut were not doing separately in terms of technology, inventory, and targeting?

In terms of technology, is focused on products that will allow our Buyers and Publishers to connect across Broadcast and Streaming.

Regarding inventory, Locality has combined the power of 150 of the most premium streaming publishers with more than 300 exclusive broadcast stations. In streaming this means priority access to both authenticated inventory via direct ad-server integrations across individual publishers, virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs), and leading free-to-consumer services.

As for targeting, Locality has combined streaming and traditional TV broadcasting under one roof, making it easier to reach local audiences. Brands can use the detailed targeting of streaming to pinpoint specific viewers and the broad appeal of broadcast TV for maximum reach. Through special local content integrations via broadcast and innovative ad formats through streaming, advertisers associate their brands in meaningful ways with local communities. By using both methods together, Locality can reach the right people with the right message, driving real results.

Kathleen Sampey