Scibids Offering Promises Greater Media-Buying Transparency

Scibids Offering Promises Greater Media-Buying Transparency

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Scibids, the global leader in artificial intelligence for digital marketing, announced a partnership with Tinuiti, the largest independent performance-marketing firm across streaming TV, Google, Meta, and Amazon.

The objective of what’s being called Scibids AI Insights Solution is to provide a new level of transparency and control over planning, buying, and measurement of the digital advertising  process within Scibids’ AI-powered customizable algorithms. Scibids AI Insights will provide media buyers with all the information they need to understand the decisions made by the AI and make smarter decisions about the deployment of their campaigns. Certain data that previously could not be seen but which have an impact on advertising performance is important not only to brands and agencies but also to publishers.

With more brands asking for greater transparency in their media buys, the two companies expect to deliver just that, including for Tinuiti’s clients, which include Etsy, Converse, and Nestlé. In a statement, Geoff Litwer, VP of Programmatic & Display Media at Tinuiti, said, “This partnership with Scibids and leveraging its new AI solutions, has already proven its worth in greatly scaling KPI-specific performance for our clients.”

Earlier this year, Eric Schwartz, US Managing Director for Scibids, wrote about how inefficient the digital-advertising supply chain is because of invalid traffic measurement and results. He predicted that in 2023, marketers’ goals would include the attainment of “Virtuous Advertising,” which is composed of “respect for the environment, respect for data privacy, and respect for the human beings that run and deliver digital ad campaigns. These three elements are not merely moral imperatives but also fundamentally achievable goals, and AI can play a pivotal role in meeting them.”

Scibids AI Insights Solution analyzes across millions of variables to identify the combinations that generate the greatest impact on campaign outcomes.

For example, in combination with Tinuiti’s internally built suite of incrementality, measurement, and optimization solutions, Scibids AI Insights Solution can zero in on real-time campaign elements like URLs, creative, location, and time of day. It can analyze their individual and combined effects in driving the desired campaign-performance outcome. The efficiencies created by solving for these variables enables Tinuiti’s trading teams to better scale campaigns, assess campaign results, and optimize performance.

Founded in Paris in 2016, Scibids’ practices help brands achieve strategic business. Scibids AI is designed for advertisers, agencies, and all media buyers to improve effectiveness and scale of their advertising campaigns and remain privacy-compliant.

Scibids CMO Nadia Gonzalez, said that compared to its competitors in the space, her company offers unprecedented transparency and control over the ad decisioning process within Scibids’ AI-powered customizable algorithms. The new AI Insights provides media buyers with all the information they need to understand the decisions made by the AI and make smarter decisions about their campaigns.

The beta testing lasted a few months as we were looking for feedback from our clients to improve the feature,” she said. “Thanks to that feedback, we’ve been able to focus on the insights that were the most important to the client and worked to make them easy to digest. This feature provides information about the decisions made by the AI.”

Such decisions are based on complex mathematical and statistical analysis of large amounts of data, mainly contextual information from the DSPs’ bid requests. So, one of the main challenges was to make those insights easy to understand, she added.

Gonzalez emphasized that Scidbids’ AI is designed for advertisers, agencies, and “all media buyers who want to improve the effectiveness and scale of their advertising campaigns. We stand out because our customizable AI auto-generates algorithms that fuel performance without relying on user tracking or profiling.”

She added that Scibids’ AI is enabled within leading DSPs and unifies the ad stack by making planning and measurement data actionable within programmatic buys, to deliver measurable ROI.

Kathleen Sampey